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The Cowboy and the Aliens - 2

Settling In

Sunday morning, Mark’s stomach muscles were sore from the previous night’s activities, but spending that much energy gave him an excellent night’s sleep. But he still woke up at the crack of dawn, or more precisely, the crack of Annabelle.

Since her back was to him, his morning wood was between her legs. She was holding it against her nether lips as she rocked her hips back and forth. Now sensing he was awake, she rolled over, positioned his cock at her tunnel of love, and impaled herself.

Although he needed to go to the washroom, she rode him fast and furious, like she was on a mission. Having those wonderful breasts bouncing above his face, he couldn’t resist massaging them and sucking on those perfect nipples. Soon she started to cum, and the contractions inside her pussy triggered him to squirt another load of cum deep into her teen pussy.

They looked deep into each other’s eyes, kissed each other passionately and then both said, “Good morning!”

When they finished laughing, Annabelle dismounted, grabbed a tissue and wiped away the cum that was leaking out of her pussy and said, “Let’s go work out!”

Mark’s stomach muscles were already sore, so as he rubbed his stomach, he jokingly asked, “Wasn’t that what we just did?”

Laughing, Annabelle teased and said, “We need to get you in shape. I’ll do what I can, but there is only so much I can do in that department!”

They got dressed in shorts and t-shirts walked to the workout area, where Joe and Kat were already waiting.

Kat asked, “So, Mark, how did you sleep last night?”

Mark joked. “Horizontally and with my eyes closed! Why?”

Kat laughed. “No, did Annabelle take good care of you last night?”

Mark faked a groan and rubbed his stomach. “She was incredible! I think she’s part Energizer bunny as she just kept going and going and going….”

Annabelle cut him off, saying, “No! I was cumming, not going!” 

They were all laughing when Jason then arrived and asked, “What was so funny?”

Kat said, “Annabelle wore Mark out last night!”

Once everyone was ready, Kat started a 30-minute workout video. 

The well-paced workout featured some incredible scenery. The wall of the gym had lots of windows overlooking the courtyard, trees and mountains beyond, but Mark’s view was Annabelle’s ass. Kat was to her right with Joe behind her, and Jason settled in beside Mark.

Once the workout finished, Joe left to hit the showers. He was always first. Starting breakfast was his thing.

Jason, being the self-appointed troublemaker, stated, “Annabelle might need a tune-up. She is leaking fluids down her leg!” Laughing, he left to hit the showers.

Kat sauntered over to Mark, then motioned for Annabelle to join her. “We probably should have gone over this before today, but there’s no better time than the present.”

Kat then grabbed Mark’s shorts and pulled them down, leaving his cock bobbing in the open air. 

“Annabelle, is this the cock that’s been trying to breed you?”

Annabelle played along as she grabbed Mark’s cock and inspected it. “Yup, that’s the one!”

The two women kneeled in front of Mark. 

Kat licked her lips and started stroking his cock. “Just so you know, the person it’s connected to isn’t always in control. These things can sometimes think for themselves.”

“That would explain why it was hard this morning when Mark was still sleeping!” Annabelle feigned realization.

Kat laughed. “That’s called morning wood! It can happen when they are having sexy dreams—or they need to pee!”

Annabelle moaned. “It was hard, so I put it inside me. Fucking it felt good, but it felt incredible when it squirted inside me!”

Kat kept stroking as she inspected his cock. “It is a nice sized cock, and it has good blood flow judging by how hard it is.” She then cupped his balls, “Those are some good sized balls too! Do they produce big loads of cum?”

“I don’t know! It’s only squirted in my mouth and my pussy, so I can’t speak to the volume.”

Kat smiled as she continued stroking his cock. “Just so you know, you can also let it fuck your ass, and you don’t always have to let it squirt inside you. When he gets close, you can pump it with your hands and make it squirt all over you. Personally, I love making them squirt on my face and all over my breasts. See how hard it is? Maybe we should make it cum so we can assess its volume?”

Annabelle nodded in agreement as she looked into Mark’s eyes with a glimmer of mischief and a sinister grin on her face.

Mark was very hard by this time and starting to leak, as Kat continued her lesson. “See the clear liquid that’s oozing out the tip? That’s called precum!”

Kat then took a lick, stroked a few more times to produce more, then offered Annabelle a lick. “See? It doesn’t taste bad!”

Kat looked into Mark’s eyes and smiled as she started stroking faster, then she looked at Annabelle and asked, “But you know what tastes even better?”

Annabelle looked into Mark’s eyes and licked her lips as her mom continued stroking Mark’s cock. Then she looked at her mom, took a deep breath and said, “Bacon!” 

Kat laughed. “Exactly!” 

Both women got up and left for the showers, leaving Mark standing there with his shorts around his ankles and his cock bobbing out in the open.

Mark only then noticing the smell of bacon now wafting up from the kitchen as he sighed, pulled up his shorts and proceeded down to the showers. “Damn cock teases!”

Upon entering the locker room, his erection returned instantly at the sight of two gorgeous women washing their naked bodies. Mark undressed himself and turned on his own shower.

Throughout his shower, both women continued to tease him by blatantly playing with their breasts, pussies, and asses. His cock was almost painfully hard by the time they turned off their showers.

While they were drying themselves off, Kat was bent over drying her hair as Annabelle grabbed Mark’s cock, pointed it toward her mother and mouthed the words. “Fuck her!”

Mark got behind Kat and, seeing her pussy already glistening with wetness, slid his cock in to the hilt, causing Kat to moan.

Annabelle sat on the bench playing with herself, while Mark pumped his cock in and out of Kat’s mostly hairless slit with just a small, dark landing strip above her clit. Kat’s large breasts swaying with the motion as she pinched and pulled her nipples.

It didn’t take long before she felt Mark get even harder, at which time she looked back over her shoulder and said, “Fill me, Mark! Annabelle’s had lots of your cum. It’s my turn!”

Her encouragement prompted Mark’s orgasm as he began pumping hot cum deep inside his best friend’s wife. Feeling his warm release, Kat started bucking her ass back to draw him in deeper, her Kegel muscles milking every drop of cum out of him.

Annabelle was close behind in achieving her own orgasm as she finger-fucked herself on the bench.

As everyone finished up, the smell of bacon returned to the forefront of their senses. 

They quickly dressed and went out to the lobby for breakfast.


The breakfast conversation was mostly about upcoming events and plans for the day until everyone’s phone alarms went off at 7AM. 

8AM was typically when boarders started showing up at the ranch, so that gave them an hour to get started on the chores and the ranch open for business. Trail rides and day rides could start as early as 9AM, but people had to show up at least 30 minutes prior to their trail ride to assess the rider and get them setup with a horse. 

They staggered start times if they could, but day rides had to be on the trail by 9AM, so they would be back in time for supper.

They didn’t have any lessons or rides booked for Sunday. But people often just came out without notice, hoping they could get a riding lesson or go on a quick trail ride.

Kat was going to run into the city to do some shopping and to restock the pantry for the group that was coming in. She asked Annabelle to assist her, leaving the guys to do the chores and get the ranch ready for the day. 

With the breakfast table cleared and the dishwasher started, Kat grabbed her jacket and keys, kissed Mark and Joe and asked if anyone needed anything that wasn’t on the list? With no one adding any requests, the girls left for the city.

Mark and Jason went to do the daily chores. They comprised feeding and watering the horses in the barn, while Joe took a Gator along the fence line to see if they needed repairs. 

If they required any repairs, they would redirect horses to another paddock or pasture and then put fence repair on the task list.

First, they released the ranch mares out into the pasture. Then they guided the boarded horses to their individual paddocks. Last, they put the ranch stallions in one of the smaller group pastures. They would then feed and water the outdoor boarded horses and tend to the budget boarded horses in the group pastures. 

After that, they would move on to mucking out a few stalls, following a schedule which made sure they cleaned each stall every couple of days. With the regular chores done, the ranch seemed to have an endless list of items that needed to get done at some point. It just wasn’t always top priority items.

The rest of the day was pretty easy, as they each did a few of the easier tasks that were on the list. A few people came out to spend some time with their horses, but that was about it. 

When Kat and Annabelle returned from the city, everyone helped unload the truck. There was a lot to pack in and put away with a week’s worth of food for the extra 13 people. 

They didn’t do individual meals like a restaurant, but they gave the group a menu and they had to select which meal they would have each day for supper.

Breakfasts would always include bacon, scrambled eggs, fruit, yogurt, toast, bagels and throw in either pancakes, waffles, or French toast to mix it up a bit. Lunches would be soup and sandwiches, plus leftovers from the night before, and then suppers each night were the main course the patrons had chosen.


A chinook had settled in and the weather was unseasonably warm. Everyone had spent most of the day outside, getting various tasks done before the snow eventually came.

Around 4:30PM, it was getting dark. All five of them were sitting on top of the fence to the pasture, watching the horses and talking about everything. 

Annabelle put two fingers to her mouth and whistled. 

Within a minute, her horse came running up to her. After a couple of scratches on the forehead, she produced an apple—from seemingly out of nowhere—and fed it to Moonrise. Then she transferred from the fence to the horse and went for a quick ride. Moonrise was a beautiful Buckskin thoroughbred, with black stockings and mane with a star on her face, but she was just a pony at only 13 hands.

As Annabelle was off riding, Joe looked at Mark and said, “We should probably find you a horse to call your own, rather than just using trail horses like you had used in the past.”

Joe called Annabelle over and told her to go round up the horses and bring them back to the barn before it was dark. Annabelle rode off into the pasture as Joe, Mark and Jason went to the barn and Kat went inside to start supper.

Within a couple of minutes, the horses started filing into the barn and going to their usual stalls. Horses really are quite smart animals!

Joe’s horse, Chief, was a big black Arabian stallion nearly 16 hands high. Kat’s horse, Applejack, was a black and white Appaloosa mare that was 15 hands high. Jason’s horse, Spitfire, was a former racing thoroughbred. The Bay mare was 15 hands high and still slightly high strung, but had been calming down since moving to the ranch.

After they had finished brushing down the horses and making sure they had food and water, there was still no sign of Annabelle.

Mark found the bucket by the door that had the apples, so he grabbed one and walked back down the chute toward the pasture. He found Annabelle having a troublesome time getting the big Palomino; they called Buck to return to the barn.

Buck was a recent addition to the ranch. He was a massive stallion at nearly 18 hands high, which made him look absolutely huge when compared to Annabelle and little Moonrise.

Mark stood at the pasture gate watching Annabelle chase Buck around until they came to a sort of stand-off about 20 yards from the gate. They had named him Buck, because no one could ride him without getting bucked off.

Mark pulled the apple out of his pocket, took a bite, and held it in the air.

After a minute, the big Palomino started walking toward Mark. Mark let him eat the apple out of his hand and, when he finished, he nuzzled Mark, looking for more apples. 

Mark laughed, patted the big horse on the neck and started talking to the horse about the pushy girl that was always trying to make guys do what she wanted them to, not what they wanted to do. He continued to gossip to the horse about the girls, as he guided Buck over toward the fence and climbed up on the rail. 

Buck barely flinched when Mark grabbed his mane, swung his leg over, and mounted him. 

Joe had been watching the entire thing from the back of the barn. When the four of them started walking out into the pasture, Joe just laughed and shook his head as he turned to walk back through the barn toward the lodge.

During their ride, Mark brought up the events of last night and this morning. 

Annabelle blushed a bit when she thought about it, before admitting that she’d had a crush on him for years. Mark, of course, reminding her he was as old as her father. 

She said, “I know I can’t marry you or anything, and I’ll try not to get jealous when you find someone else. I just wanted someone that I loved and trusted to be my first. I’ve dated a couple of boys, but I found them immature, as they were just interested in trying to fuck me so they could mark another point on their imaginary sexual conquest scorecards. You are my idea of the perfect man. Kind, protective, caring, funny and a cowboy. So I focused on school and the ranch, happy to wait until I can find a guy closer to my age that could compare to you.”

Then she got an almost evil grin on her face. “But now that you’re here and don’t seem to mind fucking me—what’s the rush?”

Mark laughed, “I still can’t believe you don’t care about my age. But—as a guy—I’m not about to turn away the love and affection of a woman as sweet as you. I’ll try not to fall in love, but no guarantees. Some young guy will eventually catch your eye and claim you.”

They continued riding for a few minutes, until Annabelle got a text message saying supper would be ready soon, so they pointed the horses toward the barn and let them run.

For those of you that don’t know, riding a horse bareback at a gallop is not a simple thing to do!

Soon they were back at the pasture gate. They dismounted and walked the horses the short distance to the barn. With the horses back in their stalls, they gave them a quick brush down, a bucket of oats, and an apple. Then headed back to the lodge where they cleaned up and got ready for supper.

Supper that night was spaghetti, something they traditionally had on Sunday nights. It was quick and easy and kind of capped off the weekends, which were always the busiest days of the week.

As soon as they dished everyone up and were eating, Joe said, “Mark, it looks like you found yourself a horse! Good thing too, because I can’t put just anybody on big ole Buck!”

Kat snickered and said, “It’s fitting too, because they both have enormous cocks!”

Jason just put his hands over his ears and cried, “TMFI!”

Joe just laughed, looked at Kat, and said, “Really? At the supper table?”

After everyone finished laughing, further light-hearted conversation ensued.

With the leftovers stored away, and the dishes loaded into the dishwasher, Joe announced he was going to go watch the news and weather before bed. Kat joined him, while Annabelle and Jason both said they still had homework to do.

Since he was on his own, Mark went to relax in the hot tub for a bit before hitting the hay. After all, his abs were sore from all the sex over the past day and a half.

He went out to the courtyard, took the cover off the hot tub, stripped down and climbed in. Making sure not to turn the jets or mood lights on.

Relaxing in a hot tub under a starlit sky with only the sounds of nature around you is such a perfect environment to relax in. Plus, without all the light pollution, your eyes become adjusted to the low light conditions and you can see the stars better.

After soaking for a while, and since the night wasn’t that cold, Mark decided he was just going to lie on a lounge chair near the fireplace. 

As he was lying there in the fire's warmth, enjoying the ambiance of the night, he fell asleep.


He dreamed about how different his life was going to be now. Then started dreaming about Annabelle and Kat; their voluptuous breasts, tight heart-shaped asses, and perfect hairless pussies.

Of course, his cock hardened from the dream. He then started dreaming that Annabelle was giving him a blowjob. But was it a dream? It actually felt like a warm mouth engulfed his cock. 

Maybe Annabelle actually snuck outside to surprise him? Or maybe Kat did? Either way, he really didn’t want to wake up and ruin the dream.

Not wanting to open his eyes, his hand moved down to run his fingers through the hair of the girl giving him a blowjob. When he felt fur instead of hair, his eyes shot open to see who his fellatrix was.

What he saw was a beautiful creature that looked like a cross between a cat and a human, with fine, light blond fur and markings that looked like a cheetah.

Realizing his family jewels were in her hand, with potentially sharp claws, and his cock was in her mouth, with potentially sharp teeth—he decided that startling her might not be in his best interests!

He continued to pet her fur and then, in a calm, non-threatening voice, he asked, “Mmm, that feels incredible! Who are you?”

She looked at him with wide eyes. Eyes like a cat, irises that were mostly gold, with a touch of green around the pupils, and black streaks that ran down her cheeks from beneath her eyes. Her ears were like cats, closer to the top of her head rather than the side. They were twitching and turning as she was listening for other activity. Her nose and lips slightly protruded from her face, like a cat, but her lips looked more human-like than cat-like.

Sensing he wasn’t afraid of her, she said, “Laruun.” All the while looking around, watching for potential dangers and planning her escape route in case anyone else came out.

“Relax Laruun, it’s just me out here and, even if the others come out here, I will protect you! Besides, what you’re doing feels nice, so I’m not about to stop you!”

“You are not afraid of me?”

“Should I be?”

She shook her head. “No.” 

Before she could say anything else, Mark cut her off. “I didn’t think so!”

She was still stroking Mark’s cock as she talked. “I don’t want to hurt you or anybody, but encounters with your kind in the past usually involve me getting shot at!”

“So, what made you come to me tonight?”

“I was watching you when you were talking to the horse, so since you can talk to other animals, maybe you would talk with me?”

Mark laughed. “I can’t really talk to animals, but I don’t think I would classify you as an animal, either. Plus, what you were doing felt great, but wasn’t talking! Who are you anyway?”

At Mark’s comment, Laruun—realizing she was still stroking Mark’s cock—grinned, revealing that her teeth looked almost like a human’s, except for the upper and lower canines, pronounced, but only slightly. “I am not from this planet. The ship I was on crashed here 10 years ago.”

“Are there more of your kind here?”

“I am the only one of my kind. I was not talking, because you were naked.” Then, with a slight pause, she said, “I could not resist the opportunity. I have not had intimacy with a male since before I left home and you just looked so vulnerable.”

“Ahh, now I understand! You’re horny and want to have sex?” Mark said as he petted her back, noting that it caused her tail to twitch, which caught Mark’s attention. Just like a cat, if he petted far enough down her back, she raised her ass and started purring!

She practically begged. “Would you mate with me? Please?”

Her ass, although covered in thin fur, looked very human like with girlish looking hips, not a young girl, but more like the beginning of adolescence, except for her tail. Her face structure looked like a cat, but she did not have whiskers and her mouth featured white, human-like teeth, except for the larger canine teeth and light pink lips that looked human. 

Under her torso, she did not have nipples like a cat, instead having two slightly swollen areas near her front legs covered in light fur with light pink nipples. Fur covered her entire body. The only part that seemed to be devoid of fur was the area directly under her tail, which hid her ass and pussy. Her front and rear legs were very feline, complete with paws, but the digits on her paws were like short fingers and she had an opposable thumb.

“Hmm, let me think about it.” He jokingly pondered while holding on to her thick muscular tail and making her move her ass toward him.

Her tail connected to her spine, but as he lifted her tail, her pink asshole and puffy pink pussy looked very inviting. Seeing her pussy flare reminded him of a cat in heat. Her scent was very noticeable, sweet smelling, and her pussy looked wet.

Mark slid a finger through her wet pussy, making her purr even louder. Then he slipped his finger inside, curious if it felt the same. 

Satisfied that she was very female in all the right places, he said, “It would be my pleasure to help you during your time of need.”

On hearing that, Laruun turned around, pointed her ass toward Mark with her tail in the air, stretched her arms out in front of her and lowered her face to the ground.

Thinking that was how they did it on her planet, Mark got off the lounge chair and got on his knees behind her, lined up his cock, grabbed her hips and slowly slid his cock into her pulsing, hot, wet pussy. 

She was purring like crazy, but at the thought of having sex with an alien, plus her pulsing pussy, Mark knew he would not last very long. So he stopped and pulled out of her.

She turned around with a worried look on her face. “You dislike coupling with me?”

Seeing her distress, Mark assured her. “It’s not that, you feel too good! If I don’t change positions, I would cum inside you too soon.”

“But males always climax quickly!”

“Maybe where you’re from, but around here we like to enjoy each other.” He said as he laid back on the lounge chair and told her to climb on top, not sure if she would appreciate the missionary position yet.

“I do not understand. This is not the way we couple.”

Mark gestured to her. “Just try it! You might like it!”

Laruun climbed on top of the chair and when Mark could grab her ass, he guided her into a cowgirl position but with her feet near his ribcage and her arms above his shoulders. Then he guided her down until his cock entered her pussy again. Then she caught on and started raising and lowering her pussy. In this position, her clit would rub on the base of his cock, making it feel better than she had ever felt before. So she enthusiastically kept going.

Once she got the hang of it, Mark toyed with her ass and the base of her tail with one hand, while the other hand pulled her upper torso toward him with the goal of sucking on one of her nipples. Laruun had never felt such intimacy and her orgasm overwhelmed her, which caused her entire body to shake and eventually collapse on top of him.

Mark figured it was just sensory overload and that she’d recover soon, so he kept slowly pumping his cock into her pulsing pussy.

When Laruun came to, she looked into his eyes and smiled. So Mark brought her in for a deep, passionate kiss as he continued to fuck her. The kiss was awkward with the shape of her mouth, but they soon figured it out.

When they broke the kiss, Mark squeezed one of her breasts, which caused her eyes to open wide and her mouth to make an “O” shape. He then flicked his tongue on her nipple and then suck it into his mouth. It surprised Mark when sweet tasting milk landed on his tongue. He let go of her nipple with his lips and looked into her eyes, which shone with adoration.

Then he smiled, licked off the drop of milk that hung off her nipple, and resumed suckling from her tiny breast.

It surprised Laruun that Mark hadn’t cum yet. Yearning to feel his seed inside her, she sped up her pace. Looking into his eyes while he sucked her breasts, she soon brought him to the edge.

As his lips left her breast, another drop of milk beaded on her nipple. Mark groaned and closed his eyes and started erupting cum deep into her.

Feeling the burst of warmth inside her triggered another orgasm, and soon she passed out on top of him again.

After a minute, she came around and Mark was holding her lovingly, while his cock was softening inside her.

Laruun said, “That was so much better than coupling with males on my planet. They simply mount us and climax within a dozen strokes. Females then have to deal with getting their own orgasms.”

She lay down in the lounger with Mark and they talked about many things until he realized how late it was and that he should get to bed. It saddened Laruun, but agreed that she should also get back.

Mark responded, “I am glad you visited tonight. Come back anytime.”

“I would love that, but what about the others?”

“I’ll talk to them tomorrow and see what kind of reaction I get. I think they’ll be OK with you.” Then he jokingly said, “Or they’ll assume that I’ve gone crazy and put me in an institution! The problem is there’s supposed to be a sizeable group coming in for the entire week and they may not be so understanding, so I’ll meet you away from the lodge.”

He brushed his hand on the side of her cheek and kissed her, saying, “I hope to see you again, my sexy kitten!”

Then he picked up his clothes, turned off the fire pit and went to his bedroom!

Laruun watched Mark go, then jumped the fence and ran off into the night, eager to return and tell the others about her adventure.

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