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Kevin Kindle has been involved with IT and computers since the late 1980's. First with Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's), which then evolved into the World Wide Web (www) using Telnet and then became graphical with the introduction of NCSA Mosaic in 1993. He's been building websites since before Google even existed!

Though websites today are obviously far more capable and visually appealing than the hand-coded ones he started with, Kevin is constantly updating his skills to keep up.

Dawn Patrol Publishing

In 2016, when Kevin got mostly out of the IT business, he kept the web design and hosting business as he ramped up his storytelling hobby and began writing books. Not wanting to rely on finding a traditional publisher, he renamed his web design and hosting business from Hosting Hero to Dawn Patrol Publishing.

GoDaddy, Shopify & Wix

Dawn Patrol Publishing is a reseller for all GoDaddy services and is well-versed in Wordpress, WooCommerce and utilizes the Divi system from Elegant Themes.

Kevin is also partnered with Shopify and Wix for website and ecommerce.

Case Studies

Below are some of our successes and failures. Feel free to look through them.

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