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Dawn Patrol Publishing

Effective August 1, 2022, Dawn Patrol Publishing is the new home for HostingHero, providing all the same website and domain services as always, just with a different name.

The 24 hour support line is still 1-844-494-9067

All hosting support is provided by the hosting company, but I can be reached through this website and via my social media accounts as I will start taking on more website design and maintenance projects going forward.

Our Mission

The mission of the Dawn Patrol Publishing is to assist authors with establishing their web presence and we can offer a lot of assistance with self-publishing and getting their manuscripts formatted for the book retailers.

We do this by providing links to the very resources we use to create, compile, print and distribute our books. There are lots of resources on the Internet, some good, some bad, some free and some pay. As independent authors we have to be thrifty and get the most bang for our hard-earned bucks.

Kevin’s experience in IT and previous jobs as a proofreader for an advertising department is beneficial with formatting and compiling quality books. The fact that he has been building websites since the world-wide-web went graphical in 1993 (before Google and GoDaddy even existed!) and his proficiency with WordPress, Wix and Shopify are useful in helping people establish their web presence, and while he’s not a graphic designer, he is pretty handy with several graphic programs.

Of course, as a hosting company, Dawn Patrol Publishing can help any person or business establish their web presence.

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