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Ream Stories

As most of you know, I've been looking for an alternative to Patreon for some time.

I've been watching Ream Stories from the sideline since its inception. I created my account before they even went public, but I wanted to wait and watch before I made the switch.

If you follow many of the serial/self publishing groups on Reddit, it appears that Ream is in fact the winner between the two platforms.

As a creator, much of it is very similar, the advantage though is that the platform is designed for writers to publish their stories and, as such, has a far better interface for readers.

Advantages of Ream over Patreon:

  • Made by authors, for authors

  • Social eReader (TOC, font controls + more)

  • Publish books in a library dedicated to my stories

  • Email chapters securely to stop illicit sharing of stories

  • Can schedule and post story chapters for serial publishing/early access

  • Has a great mobile device interface and reader experience

  • Discovery through searching by genre and genre-based charts

I've already got Witches & Werewolves and the updated version of The Cowboy and the Aliens published. The updated version of The King of Atlantis is already uploaded and scheduled to publish one chapter per week. I'll have The Atlantean Federation ready to upload before the schedule catches up.

Alternatively, you could just subscribe here and get access to everything on those sites... and more!

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