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Why did the A&C chapter numbers change?

As I've mentioned in other posts, I'm getting ready to reupload everything to the free sites. This includes updating them to the proper chapter numbers that match the Scrivener program I'm writing with.

I did a big chapter realignment after Book 1 was released after talking with publishers and hearing comments about some of the chapters having upwards of 20K words! So I broke them down to chapters averaging about 5K words. The change caused a huge hullabaloo.

I again realigned some chapters after editing Book 2, but maintained the old numbering sequence for any posts to Patreon and on this site. But it's also why I quit posting to the free sites, especially after I moved Annabelle's pregnancy to a different part of the book. (How did she suddenly become unpregnant?)

Now that members are starting to subscribe directly to this site and I'm using Ream, I'm updating the chapter numbers to reflect what is in my Scrivener program.

Patreon I'll still try to maintain the old numbering sequence, only because there's only a couple of chapters left. Once this story is finished, I may continue to use Patreon, but I'm going to update the tiers to match Ream.

FYI, the numbering sequence was off by 11 chapters. Settling Down for instance was previously shown as Chapter 70, when it's actually Chapter 81 in the book!

As stated in my Bio, Aliens & Cowboys got started from a dare. I had no writing experience and no formal plot what-so-ever. I just wrote and posted as the story developed in my head. For future stories, they will be fully plotted out and I'll likely wait to start posting the stories until they're at least 75% written.

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