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Just being a free site member has perks. It allows you to read the first few chapters of ALL books and gives you the ability to make comments. If you opt to receive notifications, you will know when things happen, such as new chapters being posted, progress updates and even codes for discounts and promotions. Site members can also read the latest chapter of the current Work-In-Progress.

Your account will automatically get upgraded to Site Member as soon as you confirm your email address when you create your account. Once you're a Site Member, you can either select the FREE subscription below, or wait until Kevin upgrades your account.


for the ability to read WIP chapter(s) or even ALL Completed Stories!

  • Free

    Free Plan
    • Ability to comment on posts
    • Read the latest WIP chapter
  • Monthly

    Every month
    • Ability to comment on posts
    • Early access to WIP chapters


    Every year
    • Ability to comment on posts
    • Early access to WIP chapters
    • Access to read COMPLETED stories

All subscriptions are NON-REFUNDABLE and will recur until cancelled.

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