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No TAF Update for June.

I'm not going to be able to post a chapter for The Atlantean Federation this month. :-(

I was so close to sending it out, but part of it just didn't feel right. Then as I went on-call and couldn't sleep, I had an epiphany and ended up tearing the whole chapter apart.

I've been a bit scatter brained this month... from not only work, but end of school things for the kids plus I'm on the anthology committee for the Diamond Valley Writers' Guild and the deadline for submissions is midnight tonight.

I'm the submission wrangler, meaning I have to collect all the submissions, make sure they're in the correct formats and any names removed. Then we meet after the deadline and I will distribute the submissions to the editors.

As I said, I happen to be on-call this Canada Day long weekend and I absolutely hate it! I don't sleep well, it messes up my appetite, and with my body is breaking down, I struggle with tasks that require ladders or getting up and down off the ground/floor. Not to mention, my van has zero supplies and only a few tools, mainly since I work at one location, where the supplies and tools are!

I'm seriously considering a career change, solely for the on-call reason.

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