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Free Site Update

Updated: Feb 3

If you followed me on any of the free sites I was posting my story to, you've no doubt noticed I haven't logged on in a while. Aliens and Cowboys was created in response to a dare and was started with nary a plot, I just started writing and posting it.

Unfortunately, this has caused me minor issues in the past, but manageable. Unfortunately, I've created an absolute mess with the story timeline with all the revisions and edits I've made to book three and if I were to continue posting it would be confusing and incoherent.

Don't worry! I won't be abandoning the stories on those sites! Once I sort out the mess, I will be deleting everything I've posted so far and re-uploading chapter by chapter. I'll post multiple chapters per week, so it won't take forever. This will also solve the chapter numbering issue that can be seen across the various sites.

I've learned my lesson, any future stories will at least be completely plotted out before I start posting them on patron sites or the free sites.

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