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Diamond Valley Writers' Guild

After being appointed the interim Vice-President of the Diamond Valley Writers' Guild, they also asked me to take over the webmaster position.

They had done pretty good with their old WordPress site, but changes among the management team left the website without a webmaster.

The current board then voted to move the website to Wix to ease future maintenance. Unfortunately, the transition to Wix was just a basic reproduction of the old Wordpress site.

I hadn't worked with Wix since it first launched many years ago, so I went through many of their tutorials and signed myself up as a partner.

Wix is now my preferred website development platform. The website has since been completely redesigned, and is quite robust considering the size of the guild.

If you are a writer or author, you can't go wrong with joining the guild. I'm a member of several writing guilds and organizations whose memberships are far more than the $25/year for the DVWG and I can honestly say I've gotten far more out of that guild than any of the others.

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