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The Cowboy and the Aliens - 3

The High Lake

Mark woke up at 6AM to find a naked Annabelle trying to sneak into his bed. 

Losing the element of surprise, she pulled away the sheets, climbed over him and gave him a chaste kiss before moving down and taking his cock into her mouth. 

After a few seconds though, she stopped, licked her lips, looked at him quizzically and said, “You have a different flavour today—it’s very sweet!”

Mark just smiled, with a very satisfied look. “So, it wasn’t a dream! That would be alien cum!”

Annabelle gave him a look like she thought he was crazy, as his cock steadily grew in her hand. “Alien cum? Sure! Whatever it is, I like it!”

She then returned to licking and sucking his cock to full hardness.

Mark looked at the clock, “It is! I promise I’ll tell you about it later! If you want to fuck before the workout, we need to hurry.”

Skeptical, but satisfied that she would get her answer later, she mounted him cowgirl style and guided his cock into her pussy.

Mark loved getting fucked in that position, primarily for the view. He loved watching beautiful voluptuous breasts swaying and bouncing in front of his face. He also liked to suck on those sensitive nipples. It also freed his hands to hold and squeeze their firm ass cheeks. Unfortunately, it always took forever for him to cum in that position, which was another reason he liked the cowgirl position. It gave him staying power.

After a few minutes of watching the nubile teenager fucking herself on his cock, they switched to doggy position, which was Mark’s other favourite position. But it had the opposite effect of cowgirl, as he never lasted long. There’s just something about watching a woman’s ass and pussy as your cock slides in and out of it. That just feels too good!

It didn’t take but a minute in that position until Mark was erupting cum deep inside of Annabelle.

What a way to wake up and get the blood pumping!

Sated, they got out of bed, went next door to the washroom, cleaned up, got dressed, and then made their way to the workout area.

As soon as they arrived, they began their 30-minute workout. Afterwards hitting the showers, with Kat and Joe always going first, so they could go get breakfast started.

Soon they were eating French toast and looking out at the ranch until everyone’s alarms went off at 7AM.

Annabelle and Jason went to get ready for school, while Mark and Joe proceeded to the barn to turn out the horses and start the chores.

It was a cool day, though normal for this time of the year, with the temperature hovering around 4C. It looked like the Indian summer was finally over. If that the European group was a bunch of nudists, they wouldn’t get nude on the ride today, but maybe around the lodge tonight.

Just before 8AM, Kat received a call from the group. They had received an emergency call in the middle of the night—after the business day had begun in Sweden—informing them that the company they owned was the subject of a hostile takeover. They were currently at the airport waiting to fly back and had to cancel the ranch visit.

They acknowledged the cancellation policy, but explained it was unavoidable, and said they would book the trip for next summer, so that maybe they could go on one of the multi-day trail rides.

As soon as the phone conversation ended, Kat radioed the boys, informing them about the cancellation. She then called Maria and told her to come over and take some food home, since they could not eat it all this week.

The guys finished the chores, went back to the lodge, poured themselves cups of coffee and looked over the to-do list.

Since they had gotten all the major items completed with the warmer weather, there were no immediate priorities, so they took it easy for the day.

Sitting around one of the lobby picnic tables drinking coffee, they started playing some card games and talking about Joe’s plans for the ranch.

Joe always had these grandiose dreams for the ranch. They had bought the ranch for a steal as the previous owner was getting up there in age and, after his wife passed away, he just didn’t have the drive anymore. Joe bought the ranch, the land and the couple of horses the guy had, and the man moved into a senior complex in town.

The ranch was quite run down after years of disrepair, but it had 240 acres, which was plenty for setting up a boarding business. Plus, it bordered crown land and foothills, which made it perfect for setting up a trail riding business.

So far, they had built the lodge, then demolished the old house and built the workshop, but the dream was to build a small community. With a mix of permanent and rental cabins, a saloon and a store. They had the space. It was just a matter of time and money. Sure, it was two hours from either of the big cities, but that was closer than many of the mountain retreats and lake houses people often went on weekends.

After a bit of daydreaming, they asked Mark how he was doing after his first couple of days at the ranch and whether he wanted to continue to live in the lodge or look at building his own cabin.

Without even having to think about it, he said, “This was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. Not only getting to live and work on the ranch, but being surrounded by friends, beautiful women and sexy aliens. As for the cabin, I’m still undecided right now.”

Joe and Kat both looked confused, as Joe asked, “Say what now? Aliens?”

Mark told them all about his encounter with Laruun, describing her as an alien that looked like a cross between a human and a cheetah, and that she crashed here about 10 years ago.

“10 years?” Joe and Kat questioned simultaneously as they looked at each other.

Joe leaned back, looked at Kat, and voiced what they were both thinking. “10 years, eh? That makes sense of a lot of things!”

The statement confused Mark, as he asked, “What makes sense of what things?”

Joe sat back and recalled the event. “It was toward the middle of October. We were just about finished the construction of the lodge and we were living in the old house. I had just finished the evening chores and was walking back to the house when there was a deafening roar and something streaked across the sky around 9PM. It scared us and the horses half to death. It seemed pretty low to the ground, so we figured it was a meteorite that might have hit up near the high lake.”

Kat then said, “The next day a bunch of government science type people showed up and set up a base of operations at the ranch. They scoured the foothills for over two weeks. All they found were some burnt trees and some burn marks on the ground near the high lake, but no impact crater and no meteorite. They sent divers into the lake and took some water and soil samples, but they said they couldn’t find anything extraterrestrial or out of the ordinary. At the end of the second week, they found some human remains that they suspected wolves or bears had attacked. I’m not sure if they ever identified who it was?”

After a bit of a pause, Joe asked, “So you’re saying you actually met one of these aliens, and she looks like a cheetah?”

Mark smiled and said, “Well, it was a pretty intimate meeting—we ended up having sex.”

Kat laughed. “I’m not surprised. I’d be pretty horny too if I hadn’t gotten laid in over 10 years—plus, you have a nice package!”

Joe then continued. “A cheetah makes some sense, too. After that night, there have been several sightings of a big cat with spots up in the hills. I thought maybe they were just talking about a lynx or possibly a cougar, but now maybe those stories weren’t so far-fetched!”

Mark said, “It scared her to approach me… apparently her few interactions with humans in the past have involved her getting shot at. If I see her again, would you guys be able to keep her a secret? I would hate to see her locked up in some secret government facility and experimented on.”

Joe and Kat looked at Mark and nodded. “Of course we would keep her secret, you know us, we don’t hunt for sport and we respect the land and nature.”

“I suspected as much, but I had to ask. Now I just need to figure out how to persuade her to trust you. She said was watching me the other day, maybe she’s still watching? Although I warned her we would have a group at the lodge this week.”

Mark walked out into the courtyard and shouted, “Laruun!”, twice and then sat on a bench, waiting to see if she had heard him.

Joe turned on the fireplace and sat down on an adjacent bench, as Kat went back into the lobby, poured them some more coffee and then brought it out for them. 

They continued to talk about Laruun and the event from 10 years ago, but every 10 or 15 minutes, at a break in the conversation, Mark would call out. “Laruun!”


Around 10AM, they were still talking out in the courtyard and drinking coffee, when Joe announced he had to use the facilities and Kat started a new pot of coffee.

Mark called out again, but just as he sat down, he heard. “Is it safe?”

“Yes, it is safe.”

Laruun jumped the waist-high fence and padded toward Mark on all fours, keeping a constant eye on the door. Once she reached Mark, she hopped up on the bench next to him, sitting on her haunches just like a cat, and gave him a big kiss.

Kat saw everything through the kitchen window and whispered to Joe, as he came through the kitchen. “She’s here!”

Not wanting to frighten her off, Kat, being the gracious host, spoke from the sliding kitchen window. “Hi Laruun, would you like anything to eat or drink?”

Laruun looked scared, but after being reassured she was safe by Mark, said, “No, thank you.”

Joe and Kat came out with fresh coffee for everyone and a bottle of water. Laruun took a sip of Mark’s coffee, but then made a screwed-up face and said, “That tastes awful, how can you drink that?”

Kat laughed and said, “Mark likes his coffee black with no sweetener or cream, so his is more bitter than ours.”

“Here, wash away the taste with some water.” Kat said, as she offered her the bottle of water, which she opened and took a drink from.

Laruun seemed to enjoy the warmth of the fire, and the company, and soon relaxed in their presence.

They tried not to interrogate her by asking many of the hundreds of questions running through their minds until Joe finally asked, “So where have you been hiding all these years?”

Laruun hesitated, then deciding she was among friends, said, “We’re still living in the ship.”

Mark immediately caught on to what she said. “We? I thought you said you were alone?”

Laruun smiled. “No, you asked if there was more of my kind here.”

Realizing he had in fact asked that, he grinned and said, “Touché!” 

Laruun just grinned her toothy grin.

“So, my little sex kitten, how many others are there?” Mark asked while petting her behind near the base of her tail.

Laruun hesitated, and without going into further details, said, “There are five of us.”

“So have you told the others about me?”

Laruun grinned again. “Of course! They know about all of you, but you especially since we actually had sex! I had to give them all the juicy details. We’ve been watching the ranch for years, as you were the closest neighbours for us to study.”

Surprised, Kat asked, “You’ve been studying us?”

“Of course! We figured we should probably find out more about life on this planet we now lived on.”

Kat agreed and asked, “I guess that makes sense, but did you ever consider contacting us? You speak English very well.”

“We didn’t speak your language at all at first. After the crash, our medibots stopped translating for us. Marco could speak both Atlantean and English, and told us that English was the common language of this area, so he started teaching us basic English phrases since we all spoke different languages.

Then once you got wireless Internet out to this area, we tapped into the signal. It allowed us to learn your language faster, so that’s all we’ve spoken for years now, and could study much more about your world much faster than studying you. We learned that you have an animal called a cheetah that looks similar to me, so they picked me to make contact, figuring I wouldn’t be as much of a shock to you as the others.”

Mark then realized what she had said. “Wait! You said Atlantean?”

“Yes, the captain of our ship, Marco, was Atlantean. Our planets had recently joined the Federation, and Marco was bringing us to their planet as trade representatives. He told us that Atlanteans originally came from this planet, and they stop by whenever they go through this part of space, just to see how bad things have gotten since their last visit. He said it was a sad reminder of their past, but they kept updating their information about this planet for their education system, and that they copied much of their lifestyle and sports from this planet, because past kings hoped that someday they would return to their ancestral world.

Sadly, Marco got attacked by a bunch of wolves and died shortly after we got here. He got some stuff working, like the fabricators and synthesizers, but that was it. The main thrusters, light drive and life support were beyond repair and you can’t move quick or silent using lateral thrusters.”

Joe said, “I bet those remains they found were Marco’s!”

Mark was lost in thought for a moment, then said, “I wonder how my cousin, Adam, is doing? He accidentally ended up on an Atlantean Federation research island some twenty plus years ago and joined them as a consultant. Last anyone ever heard of him he was going off to one of their planets.”

Laruun shook her head. “I couldn’t say, if we ever get rescued maybe you could look him up?”

Kat asked, “So why didn’t you make contact?”

Laruun looked directly at Joe and said, “I’ve tried a few times, but everybody I’ve met shoots at me!” Then she looked at Mark and continued, “Until I met Mark.”

Joe felt he had to acknowledge his mistake. “Sorry if I shot at you, but a big cat approaching a ranch is a potential threat and I was just protecting the horses.”

Laruun waved off his apology. “I understood that, but we had decided not to make first contact by speaking. The Internet showed us that if the wrong people found us, we would get captured, probed, studied, experimented on, and probably killed so they could cut us open and study us more. So we decided to just watch from a distance and look for an opportunity. Since we just acknowledged our tenth year here with no hope of rescue, we contacted you because we’re lonely and bored—you can only watch so many Internet videos!”

Mark asked, “Are we going to get to meet the others?”

Laruun said, “Yes, but they want to just meet Mark first and then they’ll want to hear my report after meeting you. Which reminds me, if you are riding the horse, we should probably leave soon to make it there by nightfall.”

Joe said, “Take a Gator!”

Mark accepted, since that would give Laruun more time to visit with Joe and Kat.

The conversation continued well with Joe, Kat and Mark trying not to inundate Laruun with too many questions, until Kat realized it was nearing lunchtime. “Laruun, I’m going to go make some lunch, but I don’t know what kind of food you eat.”

Laruun answered, “I’m not sure either, I’ve eaten some berries, rabbits and deer from this planet so far. Everything else was basic ship food, which is really basic with a broken computer.”

Joe suggested, “Maybe pull out some hamburgers and we can grill them on the barbecue.”

So Joe went and turned on the gas grill, while Kat went and got some hamburgers, buns, cheese and an array of ketchup, mustard, relish and mayonnaise for condiments.

While the burgers were grilling, Mark had Laruun try a few of the condiments. She decided the ketchup was too salty, and the mustard was just gross, but she liked the mayo, relish, and cheese. So Mark fixed her a bun with mayo and relish, and Joe melted some cheese on her burger. Mark assembled her burger, put it on a plate, and handed it to her.

Realizing she would not eat before anyone else did, or she didn’t understand how to eat it. Mark suggested she bring her plate to the picnic table while they all fixed their own burgers and sat down. Seeing them all pick up their burgers with their hands and take their bites, she followed suit.

“Mmm, this tastes so much better than ship food!” She said as she continued to devour her burger and drink from her water bottle.

As she finished her burger, Joe asked if she’d like another, to which she nodded with a toothy grin and answered, “Yes, please!”

The cool wind was picking up a little, so Kat suggested they move indoors. Kat and Mark grabbed all the condiments, while Joe finished cooking up the burgers, and they all convened at one of the picnic tables in the lobby.

They all ate their second burgers with light conversation, while Laruun was looking around in amazement at the interior of the building.

Mark asked, “Would you like a tour of the lodge and ranch since there’s no one here?”

Laruun accepted and Kat gave her a quick tour of the lodge, Laruun really liked the beds and commented that they were so much more comfortable than what’s on the ship.

They visited for a bit more, before Laruun said, “We really should get going, if we want to get back to the ship before dark!”

Seeing how the burgers were such a hit with Laruun, Kat fixed them a cooler full of hamburgers, buns, and condiments. While Joe dug out one of their camping grills and a small propane tank. When they had strapped everything down to the rear box of the Gator, Mark grabbed a radio and they were ready to leave.

Laruun started walking toward the trailhead, as Mark started the Gator. He said goodbye to Joe and gave Kat two kisses, saying that one kiss was for Annabelle.


All the trails they used for the rides were easy to follow, and they had driven all with the Gators. That way they could respond to an emergency. The trail wasn’t the smoothest in some places, so you couldn’t just drive full throttle, but instead of the typical 3-hour trip to the high lake by horseback, you could drive it in just under 30 minutes.

Laruun had decided she would prefer to run versus riding in the Gator. So she just ran alongside the Gator as Mark drove up the path to the Northwest, she was obviously in incredible shape as the rate of speed they were travelling—while not slow—was not something even many horses could keep up with over the long distance.

When they reached the clearing that signalled the halfway point, she stopped and told Mark to continue up the path. She was going to run ahead and inform everyone he was coming, so they wouldn’t fear the machine he was driving.

Mark asked, “How often do you run this path?”

“Almost every day when there isn’t snow on the ground. We don’t leave the ship when there’s snow, as we don’t want tracks leading back to us.” Laruun answered.

“So how long does it typically take you to run it?” Mark was really curious now, as she wasn’t even breathing hard from the pace they were setting.

“I don’t know. How long have we gone so far?”

Mark said, “About 15 minutes, give or take a couple.”

“So then I guess I could run the entire trail in about 15 minutes.”

With some quick math, Mark figured she had to be averaging about 60 km per hour! That thought made him say, “Whoa! So you’re a sexy and speedy little pussy!”

Laruun smiled, then turned around and pointed her ass in his direction, raised her hind legs and her tail and spread her pussy with her fingers saying, “My pussy is wet, but it’s not speedy!”

Mark laughed, realizing that maybe she didn’t understand that pussy can also mean cat. He got out of the Gator, knelt down, and gave her pussy a big lick. “Yup, it’s definitely wet—and sweet tasting!”

Laruun started purring and blushing, but stood back up and said, “As much as I really want to mate with you right now, I don’t want to tire you out as the others will probably want to mate with you tonight.”

The thought that the others would be as horny as Laruun had, in fact, crossed Mark’s mind. It was one reason his cock was already hard and seeing Laruun’s cute little pussy hadn’t helped reduce the swelling in his pants at all.

So when Mark got back in the Gator, Laruun took a few steps and then easily cleared the little stream that ran through this area, plus the soft muddy area on both sides, probably close to a 20-foot jump and then took off at what seemed like an impossible speed. She was out of sight within seconds.

Mark drove the Gator across the stream and continued up the path and, after another 15 minutes, he entered the clearing and was looking out over the meadow at the lake.

The high lake—as they called it—wasn’t really a lake, but the water was fairly clear, thanks to streams flowing through it. The lake itself was maybe 10-foot at the deepest point, but it was close to a mile long and maybe a couple hundred yards wide at the widest point. They did not recommend swimming in it, but the view from that elevation was breathtaking, allowing you to see everything for miles.

Surrounding the lake was a meadow about the size of a football field on the southern side, and there were trees pretty much right to the shoreline everywhere else. Short of the lake, the meadow and the trees, Mark saw nothing else there.

He was just about to call out to Laruun when she suddenly appeared—from seemingly out of nowhere—at the edge of the lake. “Where did you come from?”

Laruun pointed towards the edge of the lake, “The ship is hovering over the water and cloaked.”

Mark listened carefully, but couldn't hear any sound other than the sounds of nature around him. “Wow, the ship is quiet! I can see how the government people missed it when they were looking for it.”

Laruun waved her arm around the meadow and the lake, “They only looked on the ground and in the water, fortunately it didn't rain or snow while they were looking, that would've given our position away, plus when we were hiding we hovered higher.”

Mark asked, “So when do I get to meet the others?”

Laruun smiled. “Well, if you look behind you…”

Mark hadn't heard a thing, so he slowly turned around, unsure of what to expect. Standing in front of him was what looked like a little blue-eyed girl about 3-foot tall in a turquoise dress, with purple hair and she had purple, blue and black butterfly wings.

T’Soona looked up at him and reached out to rub his crotch, “He is handsome and he seems to have a nice sized cock. I can see why you like him, Laruun!”

Laruun introduced them. “Mark, meet T’Soona. T’Soona, meet Mark.”

Mark said as he reached out to shake her hand. “Nice to meet you, T’Soona.”

The outline of his cock in his jeans distracted T’Soona as she just stared at it and kept rubbing it through his pants while licking her lips. Eventually she peeled her eyes away from his crotch, shook his hand and said, “I am so pleased to meet you!”

Suddenly she got a pleading look on her face as she looked into Mark’s eyes and asked, “Can I please see it?”

Laruun stepped in before Mark could answer and said, “Not now T, let’s introduce him to the others first.”

She lifted her dress exposing her pre-pubescent looking pussy and running her fingers through the slit and showing how wet she was, “Aw, but my pussy is so wet right now, I’ve been dreaming about getting fucked by him since you told us about it last night. I’m not sure if you heard, Laruun, but we were all playing with ourselves and dreaming about it last night.”

Laruun acknowledged. “I know and I heard! I was playing with myself too!”

Laruun then said to follow her as T’Soona took to the air and fluttered along at the same height as Mark’s head. Teasing him by spreading her legs wide and making sure he could see how wet her hairless slit was. When she reached between her legs and stuck two fingers in, she then stopped and turned toward Mark and whispered, “I am so wet. Would you like a taste?”

Mark played her little game, knowing full well Laruun could probably hear them whispering and said, “Please!”

He opened his mouth and T’Soona put her fingers on his tongue, which he licked clean. Her pussy tasted like cherries.

Mark whispered, “Wow!”

Laruun looked back and said, “Quit teasing him T!”

Mark then began walking to Laruun while T’Soona got a big grin on her face, then fluttered up in front of his face and spread her legs and used her hands to spread her ass checks and pussy open, exposing her inner pinkness.

Mark, seeing the opportunity, grabbed T’Soona by the hips and pulled her to his face as she fluttered. Her pussy even smelled like cherries as he licked all the way from her clit to her ass and then back down, where he flicked her clit a few times—nearly causing her to crash to the ground when he released her.

T’Soona blushed and grinned as they hurried to catch up to Laruun.

Where Laruun stopped, Mark still couldn't see anything. As he got close to her, he could see the ramp extending up into a well lit room. T’Soona flew up the ramp and announced, “The hunk is here!”

Laruun laughed and walked beside Mark as they ascended the ramp.


At the top of the ramp, Mark stared in awe at the sight. What he thought was just a well lit room was in fact a cargo hold, roughly 25 feet wide, 30 feet long and 15 foot high, with a machine up near the far wall that looked like an oversized 3D printer shaped like a 10-foot by 10-foot cube. There was a walkway up the middle that probably led to the cockpit and sleeping area.

Beside that was a workbench, of sorts, with a variety of components strewn about. There was something that looked like a sturdy hydraulic ram and a bunch of devices that looked like little transmitters and several other parts, all of which were black, scattered about the floor.

Then Mark noticed a device with two arms floating in midair. As he approached it, it spoke, “Welcome, Mark Phoenix. My ID is CB555. How can I assist you?”

With Mark's IT background, he totally geeked out for a bit. He asked the robot many questions until Laruun spoke from behind him. “Humans are weird! I bring him to a ship full of horny females that haven't mated in over 10 years, and what is he doing? He’s talking to the cargobot!”

Mark turned around to see five beings laughing at him until they had his attention, and then they just grinned.

Mark apologized, knowing that Laruun was kidding. “My sincere apologies to the beautiful ladies of the ship. I’ll try to not geek out around all this technology.”

Laruun then introduced each of them from right to left. “Mark, meet Candaules or Candy, as we call her. She's our security officer. Candy, meet Mark.”

Candy was a centaur. She was all woman from the waist up with the body of a pony on the bottom. Not miniature horse small, but more like Shetland pony small. She had long brown hair with tinges of blonde in it, almond-shaped green eyes, tan skin and was wearing a leather bra with gold rings linking the neck wrap supporting some very nice looking D-cup breasts. She stood about 6-foot-5, with her lower half covered in light brown fur also with slight blonde or grey tinges to it and her tail was the same colour as her hair. Her arms looked very human and feminine, but strong as she extended her hand to shake Mark’s and said, “Nice to meet you.”

Laruun then continued the introductions. “Mark, this is Solara. She's our technical officer and chief engineer. Solara, this is Mark.”

Solara was a little over 7-foot tall. She had green skin, long sexy looking legs, a shapely ass with curvy hips, and 4 arms that seemed to protrude one set above the other. She was wearing a black sheer tunic that really covered nothing. Through it, Mark could see that she had a nice set of DD-cup breasts, with nipples just a slighter darker shade of green and had just a landing strip of darker green hair above her pussy with a large clit poking out from between her nether lips. Following Candy’s lead, she also extended one of her hand’s shaking Mark’s, and said, “Nice to meet you.”

Laruun continued, “and last, but not least, this is Rayven. She's our medical officer. Rayven, meet Mark.”

Rayven was about 5-foot-6 and looked like a devil or dragon of some sort. She had red scales on her forearms, back and calves, although her feet and hands looked human. She also had a black leathery tail that hung to about 6 inches from the ground, ending in a spear-like tip that extended from the bottom of her spine. Other than the two black horns that looked kind of like a goat, protruding out of her jet black, shoulder-length hair, she looked mostly human with red skin on the front and red scales on her sides and back. She was wearing black shorts and a tank top, which appeared to be hiding some nice C or D cup breasts. When she extended her hand, Mark shook it as he looked into her orange reptilian eyes and said, “Nice to meet you also!”

Now that introductions were over, Laruun explained Mark had brought some hamburgers for them to eat and that they were so much better than ship food. Laruun then suggested that Mark go outside and start the hamburgers, while she gives the others her report.

“That sounds like a good idea. I’ll meet you over by the Gator. The burgers should be ready in about 15 minutes.” He said as he turned and walked down the ramp.

As soon as he took a couple of steps from the bottom of the ramp, he could no longer see the ramp, and he still didn’t hear any noises other than the sounds of nature.

Figuring they would come out when they were ready and guide him back to the ship, he setup the portable grill with propane on the Gator’s tailgate and turned it on. Then unpacked the burgers, buns, and condiments—only then realizing they had forgotten to pack cheese.

Within a few minutes, he had the grill full of burgers and the smell was wafting over the meadow. The girls must have smelled the burgers, as they all descended the ramp and started walking toward him. 

Upon reaching him, Mark said, “The burgers will be ready in a couple of minutes, so Laruun, maybe you could show them how to prepare their buns.”

T’Soona quipped, “My buns are ready for Mark whenever he is!”

Everyone laughed, which lightened the mood a bit.

Laruun had them try the various condiments, they had mixed reactions. Everyone liked the mayonnaise, but it varied between who liked the ketchup, mustard and relish. So Laruun showed them how to prepare their hamburger buns.

Once everyone had their buns prepared, Laruun took the lead and had Mark put a burger onto the bottom bun, and then she placed the top bun on and took a bite.

Everyone soon followed her lead and soon the sounds in the meadow were filling with praises such as “Mmm, this is so good,” and, “can I have another?” 

Mark sated their hunger with a couple of burgers each. He even got to eat two burgers while making sure everyone got fed.

After the meal, Mark asked Candy—who was the closest to him—how Laruun’s report went.

She laughed and said, “It wasn’t a report. We already know pretty much everything about you!”

Confused, Mark asked, “So what took so long before you came out to eat?”

“We were deciding which one of us gets to have sex with you tonight!”

Mark raised an eyebrow and said, “So I don’t get a say in it? Who won, by the way?”

Candy looked worried now as she asked, “Is there one, or more, of us you don’t want to have sex with?”

Mark smiled as he realized what she feared. “No, all of you are beautiful and you all seem very feminine in all the right places. I was just joking around.”

“So you don’t mind that I’m taller and bigger than you?”

“Absolutely not!” Mark said as he got close enough that he could put his hands on her waist. “In a way, it’s more convenient as your breasts are very accessible.” He kissed the exposed flesh, eliciting a little gasp from her. After kissing both breasts, he walked around behind her, feeling her firm ass, lifting her tail and running his fingers through her wet slit and then bringing his fingers to his mouth and licking them off. 

Candy moaned this time and said, “I wish I was the one tonight.”

“Why does there always have to be a winner? Why can’t we all just play together tonight?”

Candy said, “That’s what I suggested, but Laruun pointed out that a human male probably can’t cum 5 times in one night. Plus, with how she described you two having sex, it wasn’t just a few quick strokes before you climaxed in her.”

Mark laughed. “True! I’m not sure I could cum that many times in one night. However, there’s more to sex than just fucking. Plus, you still didn’t tell me who won.”

Avoiding answering the question, Candy said, “Rayven insisted we should probably put you in the medibay first, just to make sure your health is OK before we have sex with you.”

“This medibay is safe?” Mark asked skeptically.

“It should be since the Atlanteans came from this planet, plus they’ve updated it to handle pretty much every species they have encountered. We’ve all gone through it and we’re OK.”

Solara, who seemed to be the leader of the group, said, “We should get back inside, as it is getting cool and dark. Mark, bring your machine inside, so it’s not visible to your satellites. Rayven will then take care of you.”

Everyone started walking back to the edge of the water, obviously knowing exactly where the ramp was. 

As Mark hopped in the Gator's seat and started it up, T’Soona jumped into the other seat for a ride and they drove off to follow everyone to the ramp and up into the cargo hold.

Mark parked the Gator off to the side of the cargo hold and Rayven closed the ramp.

Rayven then came and grabbed Mark’s hand. “Follow me, let's get you into the medibay to make sure you are safe for us!”

Mark quipped, “Lead the way, doc!”


As she led him away, Rayven said, “Just so you know, I'm not really a doctor, just like none of us have official titles. We were all trade representatives on our way to meet with other representatives on Atlanterra. After Marco died, we each took the title of the role that most fit each of us.”

“So what’s Laruun’s title?” Mark asked, realizing he didn’t know Laruun or T’Soona’s titles.

“She is our reconnaissance officer and ambassador.”

Mark then asked, “So what's T’Soona’s title?”

“She's our entertainment officer. She's weird, but she's fun!”

They approached the walkway that went down the middle of the ship, and into the first room on the left—behind the big 3D printer, which now that he was closer, actually looked like a bunch of smaller 3D printers around a larger open area in the middle.

Rayven gestured for Mark to touch the blue spot on the door, which then activated the display beside the door. It was indicating that he was unknown to the system, so she had to enter some identification data, which she had Mark confirm. When she pressed the icon at the bottom, the door opened revealing an all-white room, with a black floor and an illuminated oval on the floor. He then realized that the walls, ceiling and oval itself provided the light for the room.

The direction the door opened provided privacy for the room, but behind it was a locker and shelf that were the same depth of the door, which was large enough for Candy to walk through. The shelf also had a drink dispenser above it and a recycle bin below it.

As Mark entered the room, Rayven said, “Remove anything you want to keep and put it on the shelf, then take your clothes off and toss them in the recycle bin.”

Mark stripped his clothes off while facing away from Rayven, it was mostly out of habit, as it's something you just always do when other people are in the room. He placed his hat and clothes on the shelf as he wasn’t about to recycle a perfectly good pair of jeans, one of his favourite shirts or his boots, that’s just wasteful.

When he turned around, not only had she moved much closer than where he thought she was, but she had also removed her clothes and his erect cock bumped against the back of her scaled hand.

“Mmm, is this for me?” Rayven said, licking her lips and staring at his cock, which she now held in her palm.

Rayven hopped up on the shelf, all the while holding his cock. “I accept, please breed me!”

“But I thought you needed to see if I was OK first?”

“True, you should get checked out, but I just can't wait. Unlike the others, I didn't come into breeding age until after I boarded this ship, so I'm still a virgin. Plus, you mated with Laruun and you both seem OK.”

“So, you’re breaking the rules put in place by the others?”

“Not really, Solara told me to take care of you and you can’t tell me you haven’t been hard most of the day. Besides, once you go in, you will be in there for a while, but you’ll be refreshed and ready for Solara when it’s finished.”

Mark was in a quandary. He was staring at an absolutely stunning naked virgin, currently splayed out on the shelf in front of him. Yet she was bypassing a rule the others had put in place and he now knew Solara had won the draw.

Deciding that since he was going to be out of commission, he could really use some relief since he had, in fact, been hard most of the afternoon.

Rayven had very pale C-cup breasts with pink nipples and large areolae. She had a small trimmed landing strip of black hair and pink pussy lips with a large, engorged clit sticking out from between her labia.

Mark leaned in and gave a long lick from her asshole to her clit, which he sucked between his lips, making it even more engorged.

He then fingered the little she devil with one hand and played with her tail. She wiggled a bit, but it wasn't the reaction he was looking for, so he concluded her tail was not an erogenous zone. It didn’t take long until she was climaxing on his tongue, her cum having a slight spice to it, like cinnamon.

“Please breed me!” She begged as he stood up between her legs and kissed her passionately.

The shelf was at the perfect height as she pulled him closer. His cock like a heat-seeking missile—no hands required as it slid in until his balls were bumping her ass. Her pussy was not uncomfortably hot, but definitely warmer than any other female he had ever fucked. Her natural lubrication similar to warming lubes which actually helped him last longer than he'd expected. After five minutes of deep strokes into her, she felt him harden further and then flood her pussy with cum. 

On their simultaneous climax, she orgasmed harder than she had until that point. Then she passed out.

Suddenly, from the doorway, Solara said, “Aww, our little devil isn’t a virgin anymore!”

Mark hadn’t been expecting Rayven to pass out from having sex, so he couldn’t do anything but hold the comatose devil, as he watched everyone file into the small room with big grins on their faces. 

Solara moved closer, but despite being passed out, Rayven suddenly started spasming as if she was having a seizure. 

The smiles quickly faded from everyone's faces, as Laruun asked, “Is she OK?”

T’Soona enquired, “Solara, do you know anything about what’s going on?”

Everyone looked at Solara, who looked deep in thought. “If what is happening is what I think it is, she is going to be out for a bit, but she’ll come through OK.”

“Did I hurt her? Maybe I should have been checked out first?” Mark said, anxious about the cute little devil.

“No, no, you did nothing wrong, Mark.” Solara said as she smiled at the comatose devil lying on the shelf. “I think she might have a rare genetic trait some of their royals have.”

“A what?” Everyone asked at the same time.

“Mark, for your information, Rayven and I are from the same planet, so that’s why everyone asked me if I knew what was going on.” After a brief moment to remember, she said, “If I remember, the first time a royal female breeds, they may undergo a change of sorts as their body absorbs the male’s seed. I think it’s some sort of rite of passage. If the rumour is true, she could be out for quite a while.”

Solara picked up the sleeping beauty, but the room was too crowded for her to carry Rayven out. “Everyone out! Mark, once the door closes, stand inside the oval and the process will start.”

The girls gave Mark a kiss and then filed out of the crowded room. Candy was last since she couldn’t actually get in the room before. When she closed the door behind her, he then realized that in lieu of a bed, the oval made the medibay work for all species large or small.

Mark moved to stand in the middle of the oval and seconds later he had a moment of panic as he started to float, but just as quickly his body went numb and everything faded to black.

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