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The Cowboy and the Aliens - 1

Most people believe in luck—good or bad—but they don’t always believe in fate. What they cannot realize is that fate and luck are the same thing—the difference is your perspective.

Imagine being blindfolded and sitting on a calm animal. By the spread of your legs, you might guess it’s a pony or maybe a steer, since all you can hear is the sound of the crowd.

In a split second, they remove the blindfold, sound the claxon, cinch the flank strap, and open the chute—you’re on a bull that blames you for everything and wants to kill you!

You have two options. If you think it’s just bad luck, you can simply let go, get booed—and hope you don’t die. If you think it’s a test of fate—hang on for your life—and hope you don’t die.

With either choice, death is a possibility—if you can manage eight seconds, people will cheer you, support you and maybe tell stories about you. Even if you fail after a few seconds, they will respect you simply because you tried…

Death is inevitable—your perspective determines the story that gets written on your epitaph.


The Ranch

Mark stirred awake as the nubile 18-year-old sleeping beside him had turned over, draping her leg over his and her hand coming to rest on his manhood—a flood of warmth sweeping along his body. Warmth amplified by her previously facing the outdoor fireplace, but exacerbated simply from the intimacy of sleeping with the gorgeous teenager.

The firelight now flickered and danced over the graceful curve of her backside, glistening off the cum that had leaked out of her pussy and over the cheek of her ass, coming to rest and drying on her hip. The result of their recent tryst on the patio lounger under a blanket of stars.

Inadvertently, his mind began replaying the event. 

Her eyes locked on his, as she rode him like the cowgirl she was. Her large natural breasts swaying above him as his hands steadied them. His thumbs fondling her nipples and making them hard. Her pussy massaging his cock until they both climaxed. He flooded her womb with hot cum as her Kegel muscles milked every drop from his balls.

The mere memory stirring his cock to full erection and subconsciously causing her to hold and gently squeeze. This current state of arousal preventing sleep from returning to him.

While he considered waking her up, fucking her and filling her pussy with more cum—he let her sleep. After all, his cock had seen more action in the past few days than it had in the past two years. It was almost a guarantee that she would fuck him again in the morning.

In the meantime, he attempted to control his erection by focusing his mind on recent events, the fresh country air and the clear, cloudless sky—seeing countless multitudes of stars that just weren’t visible in the city.

Despite losing his marriage, his business, and pretty much everything he had ever worked for; he simply followed the path that had presented itself. An unlikely path that most would never have taken.

However, his surname was Phoenix, and—like his namesake—he was building a new life from the ashes of the former one. 

The plan was to semi-retire out to the country and work on his friend’s ranch; living the life of a bachelor for his remaining years; albeit a life with little to no sex, but that’s what porn was for, right?

However, the last few days attesting to his new life being anything but that! He now found himself with a constantly horny 18-year-old girlfriend and an entourage of new friends that had launched his sex life out of this world—figuratively and literally.

His new friends had been living here, watching and learning for years—they obviously hadn’t planned on crashing on this planet, but the technology that still worked gave new meaning to the phrase friends-with-benefits.

Mark never believed in fate, but with his life now seeming as unlimited as the stars above. Maybe, just maybe, there was something to all that fate mumbo jumbo?


It was 6AM on a cool Saturday morning in October when Mark woke up from a deep and peaceful sleep. He needed no alarm clocks. After years of owning his own business and then the past couple of years working in HVAC, he just always woke up early. 

Today, though, was different! It was the first day of his pseudo retirement.

He donned the white cowboy hat he always wore and stepped out of his trailer into the Walmart parking lot. Walmart wasn’t open yet, so he walked across the parking lot and road to McDonald’s to use their washroom facilities, grab some breakfast and read all about the sad state of the world in the newspaper.

He hadn’t planned on retiring at 50, but after Alice—his wife of 28 years—gave him the ‘I’m leaving you’ speech a little over a month ago; it forced him to reevaluate things.

They met in her first year of university, and got married after dating for a year. While he had never gone to post-secondary school, he was a whiz with computers and had landed himself a well-paying IT job at a large corporation, doing what he considered menial tasks for his skill set. 

A year before she graduated, his employer merged with another company and his position ended, so he started his own IT company.

He was good at networking and could make ends meet right away. His business soon grew quite successful and not only supported them both, but had paid off their starter home and both of their vehicles—he even had her student loan paid off before Alice graduated.

Alice was a very attractive woman. Very outgoing and social, something Mark was not, but I guess that’s why they say opposites attract? She was 5-foot-8 with perfect C-cup breasts, a very shapely ass, and she kept her body in great shape. They tried to have a baby twice, but she miscarried both times, with the second time putting her in the hospital, and she ended up getting a hysterectomy.

Never to be a mother, Mark supported her through a lengthy period of depression where she couldn’t hold a job, but he eventually convinced her to become a realtor. After all, she used to be fun and outgoing, and this allowed her to run her own business and she would get to interact with people again. Once she got her real estate license, he continued to support her as she built her realty business.

Eventually, she started dealing with bigger and bigger sales and her income nearly matched Mark’s. This prompted them to buy the big house, new vehicles and go on vacations, all while staying pretty much debt-free.

It was all sunshine and roses—until a couple of years ago. The successful IT company Mark had now owned for over 20 years ran into some serious legal and social media problems. All courtesy of an employee who cut corners with a prominent customer, left their network open and they got hacked.

Gone was the incompetent employee, but battling all the misinformation and rumours on social media proved difficult. His original customers trusted him, but they were all smaller companies, and the larger customers started taking their business elsewhere, forcing him to downsize and eventually close the doors, before going into debt or declaring bankruptcy. At that point, he couldn’t even sell the business; so he simply wiped the computers and sold everything he could.

While searching for a job, an opportunity came along with one of his long-time customers—an HVAC company. Paving the way for him to become the oldest apprentice they ever had, but they’d now have in-house IT support.

Besides his trustworthy and likeable personality, Mark’s biggest advantage was his intelligence—consistently ranking in the top 2% of any IQ tests. His aptitude to learn quickly, coupled with his roll-with-the-punches’ attitude, allowed him to never fear change. In his past, he had worked at more than a dozen drastically different jobs since he began working at age 10. Computers, of course, but also as garbage collection, oil rigs, grain elevators, truck driver, construction, fibreglass—you get the idea.

He had truly restarted his life many times, just like his namesake and tattoo he had on his upper left arm.

Mark did OK in HVAC, and they paid him well. HVAC is one of the higher paying trades, but it’s also one of the more demanding trades, both physically and mentally. Most days, he came home completely exhausted, and feeling his age. Issues with his back, knees, shoulders and other joints may have contributed to the death of their sex life, but his cock still worked and it doesn’t take much to get a man into the mood for sex.

One convenient side-effect of the job, though, was that he was in better shape physically than anytime in the preceding two decades. At 6-foot-3 and 200 pounds, his size was a lot like a football linebacker. He kept his brown hair buzzed short—which kept the grey at bay—and his appearance, mannerisms, humour and wit often had people guessing his age to be in the 30s. His beard, however, betrayed his facade if he let it grow, since it came in mostly grey.

Anyway, enough history, back to the divorce.

Thanks to a hot housing market, they sold their estate-like lakefront house within two weeks. Then auctioned their furniture and other belongings—keeping only their clothes, a few personal items and respective vehicles.

Alice kept the 3-year-old Audi Q8 bought just before everything went south, and Mark got the 10-year-old Ford F-150. Thankfully, Alice also insisted Mark keep the trailer. Perhaps as a consolation prize since she had been unfaithful? Or maybe because her Audi was worth more than the truck and trailer combined?

Oh well, at least it gave him a place to live while finalizing the divorce. The trailer wouldn’t be practical to live in during the winter months, but the divorce was amicable, so it shouldn’t take very long.

She would stay with a friend—who turned out to be someone she had been seeing on the side for who knows how long? Mark didn’t care to know any of the details.

Mark had friends in the city as well. Just not close friends he would feel comfortable staying with for an unknown length of time. His best friends, Joe and Kat, had a ranch just over two hours northwest of the city—impractical for commuting daily!

Neither the speech—nor her infidelity—had caught Mark by surprise. There had been several times during the past year when he had considered giving her the speech. Their lives had been full of turmoil and their sex life had died a slow, agonizing death. They would be better off going their own ways.

Luckily, they had very little debt and adjusted to living within their new budget. However, since Alice now made more money than Mark, she held it over him continuously. Mark didn’t bother pointing out that he supported her for more than half of their 28-year relationship. He just wanted out.

Short of winning the lottery, things were never going back to living the opulent lifestyle of buying designer everything and hosting lavish dinner parties. Mind you, those dinner parties were for Alice’s personal and business friends—Mark just played the faithful spouse, making idle chit-chat with the guests.

He wouldn’t miss the parties and the fake friendships at all!

After Alice delivered the speech, Mark phoned Joseph and Katherine to advise them of the situation and inform them he would drive out to the ranch to get his trailer.

Joe had been one of his original IT customers running a construction business. Kat eventually joined Joe’s company, and they ended up getting married.

They were all born and raised in central Alberta and their rural upbringing made them kindred spirits, which is why they became such good friends.

Joe and Kat eventually had twins, Annabelle and Jason, but as they started paying more attention to the school system and other people’s kids in the neighbourhood, they realized they didn’t want their kids to grow up in the city. Preferring instead to raise the children with rural values and work ethics.

Upon selling their business to a larger company for a lot of money, they found a great deal on a run-down ranch with roughly 240 acres of pasture and woodland bordering the crown lands in the foothills of West Central Alberta. Mark may have lost an IT customer, but their friendship continued.

The ranch’s early years saw Mark out there every weekend helping with building, repairs, chores, and even working as a wrangler on trail rides. Since then, Mark was there at least one weekend every month and almost every weekend during the summer months, sometimes even coming out there midweek to help with trail rides.

Which is why his trailer had a permanent parking spot at the ranch, complete with water and electrical hookup, just no sewer. It was just more convenient to leave it there and have a place to stay on the weekends than to pay storage fees simply to store it close to the city.

The Hendersons always had a standing offer for Mark and Alice to build their own cabin or house on the ranch. Alice originally considered it, as it would be better than staying in the trailer, but over the past decade, she rarely even accompanied Mark out to the ranch. In reality, it was only ever a dream, since there was no way Alice would ever leave the city to live out in the middle of butt fuck nowhere—as she termed it.

After selling the house, auctioning their belongings, paying the legal fees and their debts, they split the remaining funds—leaving them just over $500K each. Not enough to retire and live a life of luxury, but that wasn’t the type of life Mark wanted, anyway!

Knowing approximately how much money he would have, Mark asked if the offer to live and work on the ranch was still on the table? It was, of course, so that was going to become his retirement plan.

On that day, Mark gave his notice to his employer and agreed to work for the next two weeks. Rather than leaving them short-handed, Mark was loyal, hardworking, and always made sure nothing was unresolved.

Despite Mark’s world being turned upside down for the past month, by playing the cards fate had dealt, he was actually going to come out better for it! A blessing in disguise, as he now realized how much he had stifled his life to be with Alice in the city.

He finished his breakfast, refilled his coffee mug and was soon on the road, starting the two-plus hour trip out to the ranch to begin this new adventure.

The drive was relaxing and uneventful. The skies were clear and blue. There was no wind and all the leaves that remained in the trees were yellows, oranges and reds, which contrasted nicely with all the evergreen trees. It was a very scenic drive to take in the early morning, when the rising sun shone on the Rocky Mountains in the distance.

Mark started feeling nervous as he neared the ranch, but that feeling quickly faded as he crested the last hill, exposing the green rooftops of the ranch buildings in the valley filled with colourful trees.

He soon turned his truck and drove under the ranch gate with HENDERSON RANCH sign and looked down the lane toward the ranch.

He had this sensation sweep through his body… this is where he wanted to be, more than anyplace else in the world.


The ranch was barely visible from the highway for the abundance of mature aspen, poplar, and evergreen trees. Even when driving down the long gravel lane, all that was visible was the entrance of the lodge and the loop feature in front. Everywhere else was just white wood fences, lots of trees and horses.

They split the right side of the lane into fenced group pastures. The left side had paddocks all the way down the lane, each with a shelter. The abundant trees provided shelter from the sun and rain, but they did little to stop the cold north winds.

A 130-foot by 200-foot groomed outdoor arena was just beyond the paddocks, beside the barn—large enough that several of the area’s rodeo riders practiced barrel racing there. Plus, it had a clay/sand base, so it didn’t turn into a big muddy mess when it rained.

They had painted and re-roofed the aging barn. It was a long brown building with white trim and green roof and it sheltered forty 10-foot by 12-foot stalls, each with their own equipment lockers.

The ranch itself owned fifteen horses, and the rest were all horses that people boarded there. The primary income source for the ranch was the boarding, although they also offered day rides, trail rides, horse training, riding lessons and lodging. All of which contributed to the ranch being quite profitable.

There was premium boarding, where the horse got to stay in the heated barn each night and daily turnout to their own paddock during the day. Then there was outdoor boarding, where each horse stayed outside in an individual paddock with shelter, bedding, food, and water. Then there was budget boarding in the pastures along the north side of the lane where a half dozen horses were just kept in a group pasture with shelters, salt licks, a water trough and hay bales to eat.

The boarding was consistent year-round. Everything else was seasonal or weather dependent, although the lodge was becoming more of a stable source of income.

The lodge was at the back of the clearing with a 30-foot round loop feature in front featuring two trail riders on horses and filled with flowers and a few shrubs. It also covered the lodge's buried septic tank. Fortunately, there was a water well on the property, so water supply was not an issue.

The lodge itself was a large two-storey log building shaped like a baseball diamond with a wall of windows for the backstop… err, main entrance. There were three steps up to the wide covered porch, which ran the entire length of the right wing. The left wing was wider, but didn’t have a porch, just a door to access the living quarters.


With the autumn weather still quite warm, the ranch was a pretty busy place by the time Mark arrived. Joe and Kat had seen him driving up the lane and were waiting outside the barn to greet him.

Joe was a cowboy through and through. He was 56 years old and stood 6-foot-2, with silver hair, grey eyes and he his trademark moustache. He was in very good shape for his age, partly because he and the family worked out every day, but mostly just from the cowboy lifestyle and working on a ranch.

Kat was a former rodeo queen and certified horse trainer. She was 5-foot-2 with blue eyes, shoulder-length brown hair, soft red lips, large natural D-cup breasts with a small horseshoe tattoo on her left breast and a firm heart-shaped ass. Being a cowgirl kept her body lean and fit, looking more like a 20-something than a 42-year-old.

They both had smiles on their faces as Joe shook Mark’s hand.

“We are both so glad you are here and joining the ranch.” Kat said as she hugged him and gave him a passionate kiss.

Kat’s phone alarm went off, and she acknowledged the alarm, then gave Mark and Joe both kisses and said, “Off to another riding lesson.”

Both men stared at her tight jeans and perfect ass as she walked away. Eventually, Joe cleared his throat and said, “Go park your trailer and then meet me in the workshop.”

The passionate kiss hadn’t really surprised Mark since they had made love before. In fact, Joe and Mark had fulfilled her threesome fantasy several times. Although Mark and Kat had also been intimate alone before as well. Being swingers at heart had resulted in more than one sexually stimulating multi-day trail ride with customers.

Mark backed his trailer into its usual spot, which was a concrete pad off the southwest corner of the workshop so he could plug in his power cord. He never left water in the tanks and didn’t use the toilet, since the trailer was at the ranch year-round. The lodge was just across the lane, and he could always use the facilities in the workshop if he had to.

With the trailer unhitched and plugged in, Mark left his truck parked in front of the trailer and walked into the workshop.

The workshop was just that, a place where the tools lived and tinkering got done. They demolished the original house and built the larger workshop in its place. It just made sense to use the basement, plumbing, gas and power, even though they couldn’t re-use the old foundation.

As far as workshops go, they built this one right. It looked like a log building, so it would match the lodge for aesthetics. The interior, though, was anything but rustic. It had insulated plywood walls, bright lighting, radiant heaters, epoxy covered concrete, hydraulic lift with a pit, and a washroom with shower. Externally, it had two overhead doors. The tall door was on the end—beside Mark’s trailer—and the other was halfway down the workshop on the side. They equipped the rest of the workshop for blacksmithing, woodworking, leather work and mechanical work.

Joe was busy tuning up the tractor and attaching the blade, so Mark just jumped in and started attaching the closed cabs to the Gators to prepare for the coming winter.

For those of you that don’t know, a Gator is a utility vehicle manufactured by John Deere. Those things can go almost anywhere and have lots of accessories.

Eventually, Maria announced over the radios that lunch was ready.

Maria, the only non-family employee at the ranch, was a Hispanic woman in her 40s, with short black hair, nice C-cup breasts and a very curvy set of hips. She lived on an acreage a few miles away, but her husband worked for an oil and gas company and was often away on business.

Maria enjoyed having a part-time job. It kept her busy and gave her people to socialize with, so she worked on the weekends, or whenever anyone was staying at the lodge—almost a full-time job during the summer months. She was the official cook and housekeeper, cleaning the rooms when people checked out, and making the lunches and suppers at the lodge.

Her 16-year-old daughter, Sofia, went to the same school as Annabelle and Jason and would hitch a ride with them. It allowed her to spend time with her boarded horse and, whenever there was no school, she would come to the ranch with her mom. She would help with meals, cleaning rooms, landscaping or whatever else they could use her help with, and Joe and Kat paid her for when she was there helping, which made both women happy. 

This Saturday, though, Sofia had gone to Edmonton with her dad.

As you came into the lodge entrance, the lobby area looked like a campground, complete with artificial turf instead of carpet and a couple of hexagonal picnic tables for eating, playing games, or whatever.

Off to the right side was a feature wall made of logs, with a big natural gas fireplace surrounded by a rock chimney that went all the way to the peak of the roof. There were three couches arranged around it and a TV mounted above the mantle.

One advantage to living in Alberta is the abundance of readily available natural gas, so gas fireplaces were both decorative and useful.

To the left side of the feature wall was a wide hallway with lots of windows, providing lots of natural light looking out into the courtyard area. There were ten rooms down this wing, five rooms on the ground level and five rooms on the upper level.

Each room was roughly 15-foot-square with a dresser, a desk, a king-size bed, two end tables and a PTAC unit mounted below the large central window for individual room heating and cooling. There were no televisions in any of the rooms, but the ranch offered wireless Internet, although most people came out to the ranch to get away from all the technology.

Because of the challenges with plumbing out in the country, there was only a single bathroom with a shower on each level, in the room nearest the lobby.

A 20-foot-square gym was on the ground level, where home plate would be, which had a rubberized floor with some free weights, a punching dummy, an elliptical, and one of those multi-gym units that you can do dozens of exercises on. There were windows along the outside walls, looking out into the courtyard; the interior wall on the lobby had two staircases to each side of the upper level side putting the entrance to the gym between the two stairs.

The upper level was an open area with windows along the outside walls and a pull-down projector screen on the front wall, with a projector mounted to the ceiling. It was a large enough area for the family’s morning workouts and for small weddings when the weather didn’t cooperate in using the courtyard.

Speaking of weddings, the lodge was becoming a popular place for them, with its rustic ambiance, majestic scenery, accommodations and options for either indoor or outdoor ceremonies, plus there was room for campers or trailers if they needed more accommodations than what the lodge could manage.

To the left of the lobby was the office/store/gift shop, which ran the entire width, except for a door on each side. The right door went to the kitchen and pantry, and the left door connected to the hallway and the family washroom. The master bedroom occupied the entire width of the far end wall, with one small bedroom along each wall. Then the living area was the large open area between the rooms and the kitchen, with windows on both sides of the lodge.

The washroom was actually a small locker room with a group shower. It had a single central shower with 4 heads off it. So when having a shower, you were looking at anyone else that was also having a shower. Since they were a fairly sexually liberated family and occasional nudists, it just seemed like a more efficient way of getting cleaned up and ready for the day after their morning workout.

The upper level above the living quarters was just like the upper level on the other wing. There was a washroom and shower closest to the lobby, then five rooms going down the wing. The rooms on this side were larger and featured two queen-size beds with a single night table between them instead of the king-size beds and two night tables.

The backside of the lodge was the courtyard area, featuring a large patio area with artificial turf and designed to imitate a campground. There was a large barbecue and smoker, a few hexagonal picnic tables with umbrellas, a large hot tub, and a central outdoor gas fire pit with benches around it. The kitchen also had a sliding window setup to function as a concession window for the courtyard.

The courtyard area was quite expansive when you considered each wing of the building was almost 100-foot long. There was a waist-high rock wall surrounding it, completing the connection between the two wings.

Lunch was a simple affair. Today’s soup was beef barley vegetable and there were a variety of sandwiches, bags of potato chips with soft drinks or bottled water for beverages.

As they sat at one of the picnic tables in the lobby to eat, the lunch conversation was about how things were going and how happy they were to have Mark around to help with the ranch, rides, and chores. They also appreciated him not wanting a regular wage, so they had a surprise for him after lunch.

Mark had agreed to not take a wage and just take his usual share of the profits from the trail rides. With the money he had and the low cost of living out on the ranch, his money should easily last him the rest of his days.

As they were finishing lunch, someone came to talk with Joe and since it didn’t look like he would be right back, Kat grabbed Mark’s hand and said it was time for his surprise as she led him upstairs and down the hallway to the room beside the washroom and above the kitchen.

She opened the door and said, “We couldn’t let you live in that trailer through the winter. So this room is now yours!”

Seeing Mark’s vacant look, she added, “We can redesign the room if you want. You’re welcome to live here indefinitely, or until we can build your own place, like we’ve talked about in the past.”

Mark smiled and said, “I can’t thank you enough for this!”

“I can think of ways!” She said lustily, as she pushed him back on the bed, straddled his waist and started kissing him passionately.

Kat was wearing a long-sleeved unbuttoned cowboy shirt, simply tied at the bottom and a tank top underneath.

As they kissed, Mark’s hands squeezed her ass as he pulled them up to a sitting position. Kat was grinding her crotch into his cock as they locked their lips in a passionate kiss. Releasing her firm ass, his hands quickly found their way to her ample bosom, pulling down her tank top and exposing her magnificent breasts and dark nipples. He buried his face in her cleavage, kissing the soft flesh, then squeezed her breasts together, gave her nipples a quick kiss and sucked as she moaned; her hands holding his head to her breast.

Just as he switched to sucking on the other nipple, her phone alarm went off as she moaned and said, “This will have to wait until later! I have a riding lesson to prep for, and it’s already going to be uncomfortable having wet panties and high beams!”

Then she got off, patted the rock hard bulge in his pants, gave him another quick kiss, and said, “Besides, Annabelle called dibs!”

Mark laughed as she turned and left. He knew Annabelle had a crush on him ever since she was probably 11 or 12 years old. She had grown into a gorgeous woman that looked just like her mom, and she didn’t seem turned off even though he was almost the same age as her dad.

Mark and Kat had fucked before, but he had never touched Annabelle, as she was still under 18. The couple of minutes with Kat had him painfully hard already and thinking about the now 18-year-old teenager had him contemplating masturbation to relieve the pressure. Resisting the urge, he adjusted himself and went back outside to help Joe around the ranch.

He found Joe watching a young woman practicing her barrel racing in the outdoor arena. When he leaned on the fence next to him, Joe asked, “Did Kat show your room to you?”

Mark continued to watch the horse race around the barrels. “Yes, she did! Thank you so much. I wasn’t really looking forward to living in the trailer all winter.”

Joe smiled, then asked, “Did she jump you?”

Mark replied with an air of smugness and pretended to brush something off his shoulder. “She tried, but I resisted her charms.”

Joe laughed. “Yeah, right! She had a lesson to prep for, didn’t she?”

Mark slumped his shoulders, hung his head, and feigned resignation. “Yeah.”

Joe chuckled and said, “Good, because Annabelle called dibs! I’m sure you already realize it, but that girl has had a crush on you for years. She just turned 18 when your situation began, then ever since we knew you would come to live out here, she’s been giddy and begged us to let her be the one to welcome you to the ranch. I originally wasn’t sure about it, but she’s 18 now and can make her own choices.”

Historically, Mark had always attended the twins’ birthday party, but now he felt a strong pang of remorse… in all the turmoil, he had forgotten Annabelle’s birthday!

Mark forced a smile and acknowledged that he knew she had a crush on him as he returned to watching the horse and rider running the barrels. With this newfound knowledge, he couldn’t stop wondering when the cute teenager would return from her trail ride.


A little while later, Annabelle and her charges rode out of the trailhead, returning from their ride. 

She had taken a couple on a 3-hour ride up to a meadow that offered a magnificent view of the surrounding area, but they asked for more time so she had radioed back informing of the schedule update. So it had turned into more like a 5-hour ride. Fortunately, they had started the ride early.

They always carried a radio with them since cellular service back in the woods was poor to non-existent. If there ever was an emergency, they could radio the ranch and someone could race out there in a Gator.

She dismounted and ran toward Mark with an enormous smile on her face. Jumping at him from a few feet away, forcing him to catch her and immediately wrapping her arms and legs around him. “I’m so happy my favourite uncle is going to be living on the ranch!” She said as she broke the hug and gave him a very passionate kiss.

As with close family friends, they had always referred to him as Uncle Mark, although there was no genetic family connection.

The kiss surprised Mark a bit and Annabelle couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants rubbing against her. Just like her mother, she started grinding her crotch against his cock through their clothes, while her smile just got bigger and bigger. “Are you happy to see me?”

Mark just smiled. “My sweet Annabelle, I’m always happy to see you!” He then returned her passionate kiss as his hands squeezed her ass.

Smiling, she let go of him and hopped down. She grabbed two of the horses and started walking to the barn. As she got to the entrance, she looked back at him over her shoulder. “Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to help me with these horses?”

Mark snapped back to reality, grabbed the reins of the remaining horse, and followed her into the barn.

Annabelle was the epitome of a farmer’s daughter. She obviously got her looks from her mother. Slightly taller at 5-foot-7, brown eyes, long brown hair, soft red lips, pearly white teeth, large natural DD-cup breasts and a nice firm heart shaped ass that looked incredible in a pair of jeans.

People often thought they were sisters, rather than mother and daughter! They both could have been models, but they preferred being outdoors in cowboy boots and hats with jeans and button up long sleeve shirts. She absolutely loved being around the horses. Since this was her last year of high school, she was still deciding if she wanted to go away to college or university or stay here and help run the ranch. They had accepted her to every post-secondary institution she had applied to, including the regional college, which was close and was a very agriculture-oriented institution.

They led the three horses into the barn and to their stalls. Then took off the saddles and bridles and stored them in their lockers. Finally, brushing the horses down and making sure they had food and water.

Then they went to her horse’s stall, but as soon as they entered, she pushed Mark into a corner.

Despite the height difference, they locked their lips in a passionate kiss as Annabelle’s hands were rapidly undoing Mark’s pants and pulling out his still hard cock, which was a fairly impressive circumcised 9 inches.

She licked her lips and dropped to her knees. “Let me take care of this before you make a mess in your pants. I wouldn’t want you to have to deal with that embarrassment on your first day.”

She licked up and down his shaft before taking the head into her mouth. Then began slowly sucking while stroking his cock. Since he had already been hard for a while and hadn’t had sex in over a year, Mark knew he would not last very long.

Annabelle must have suspected as much and, when she figured he was getting close, she cupped his balls and worked his cock deep into her throat. He couldn’t hold back and started cumming. She kept her lips wrapped around his cock while she continued to caress his balls. She swallowed every drop, then stood up and gave him a deep, passionate kiss that threatened to revive his softening organ.

He could taste his own cum on her lips, but it didn’t bother him.

“That should make you feel better, plus maybe you’ll last a little longer tonight!” Then, with a mischievous smile and raises of her eyebrows, she said, “I’m not sure if mom and dad told you, but I get to be your house warming present, or more precisely, your bed warming present tonight!”

“So I’ve been told!” He said as he slipped his hands inside her pants to squeeze her ass. She inhaled deeply when his hands made it down to where he could slide a finger between her legs, where her pussy was soaking wet.

They both jumped when a voice behind them said, “Get a room!”

Jason had returned from taking a family of four on a day ride to the high lake, two valleys over.

Mark licked Annabelle’s pussy juice off his finger and said, “Mmm! That’s a good idea, Jason! Your parents gave me a room!” 

So he playfully picked Annabelle up, threw her over his shoulder, holding her ass and rubbing her crotch through her pants, and started carrying her out of the stall.

She moaned as she laughed. “Put me down! We need to take care of the horses first!”

Mark reluctantly put Annabelle down so she could care for Moonrise and went to help Jason with the horses he had just brought in. Annabelle joined the guys when she finished with Moonrise, and they finished taking care of the horses.

Jason was Annabelle’s twin. He was as tall as his father—at 6-foot-2—and, being raised around the ranch, he was nothing but lean muscle with the body of Adonis. He excelled in every sport he took part in and was one of the region’s top hockey prospects. However, when he failed to get drafted, his girlfriend dumped him since it looked like he was going to stick around this area, rather than taking her away with him. 

Her shallowness really bothered him at first, but he eventually got over her. Concentrating instead on school, hockey, and the ranch.

Right when they were finishing up, Maria announced over the radios that supper would be ready in 10 minutes. 

“Oh good! I’m starving.” Jason said, as he ran off to the lodge.

Mark pushed Annabelle up against the stall and kissed her as he slipped his hand down the front of her pants, finding her pussy was still wet. Annabelle just moaned as Mark said, “Hmm, 10 minutes, eh?”

He slipped two fingers into her as she moaned into the kiss. As the kiss broke, he withdrew his fingers and licked her juices off of them. “Mmm, you taste good! I bet it tastes better from the source!”

He unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, then turned her around to face the stall and lifted her up so her waist was level with the top rail of the stall. While bent over the top rail of the stall, Mark pulled down her pants and spread her ass, revealing her beautiful hairless slit. 

As he licked deep into her pussy, he confirmed his assumption. “It’s definitely better direct from the source!”

He then pushed two fingers back inside her, rubbing her g-spot as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. It only took a couple of minutes before she began to orgasm from his ministrations. At the onset of her climax, he removed his fingers and buried his face into her sex, licking deeply as her pussy contracted around his tongue.

When her orgasm subsided, she jumped down off the rail, and with her pants still around her ankles, she kissed Mark passionately and then licked her juices off his face. “I needed that! Now let’s go eat!”

Annabelle pulled up her pants, and they walked back to the lodge.

Kat took one look at Annabelle and mouthed, ‘Did you guys just fuck?’

Annabelle furrowed her brow and shook her head.

Kat pointed to her own crotch and then pointed at Annabelle, who looked down at her own crotch and saw that it looked like she had wet herself.

She giggled, blushed, and excused herself to go change. Within minutes, returning wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.


Supper was in the lobby area of the lodge with the day riders, as their package included the meal they chose before they left that morning. Tonight was steak, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots and fresh-made buns.

It was a nice, friendly meal with pleasant conversation. The riders just talked about how beautiful it was up in the mountains and how lucky they were to live among such beauty. They also asked about the other trails and about the multi-day trail rides.

The day riders left after supper, since they had a 2-hour drive back to the city, but vowed that they were definitely going to come back to try some other trails.

After that, the ranch was pretty quiet since there was no one staying in the lodge.

Kat reminded everyone that there was a group of thirteen from Europe that had booked the entire lodge for the week, including lessons on Monday, trail rides Tuesday through Thursday and a day ride on Friday. There were only three families, but they were giving each of the kids their own room, using 10 rooms in total.

They had made the booking a month and a half ago, but they could always cancel until the week before. This was welcome news, as it was some extra income before the end of the season, plus they now had Mark’s help.

Jason excused himself and left to go play video games, while Joe, Kat, Mark and Annabelle continued to talk about the recent booking. 

Kat said she suspected the group was a bunch of nudists from the way they talked on the phone, but didn’t think they would get nude on the ride. While they were experiencing an Indian summer, the weather wasn’t that warm! She figured they booked the entire lodge so they would have some privacy.

Joe just hoped that the Indian summer would hold out just a week longer.

They didn’t advertise the ranch as being clothing optional, but there was one review on the website from a group of nudists that gave them 5 stars, saying they had an awesome time and would recommend them to anybody! Originally, they discussed removing the review, but then left it since the group was fun. They had lots of awesome sex during their stay and it was a niche market with little competition!

After that talk was over, Joe and Kat said they were going to hit the hay and left, which prompted Annabelle to straddle Mark’s lap, wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him. “Wanna go to my room or, better yet, your room?”

Mark’s cock started hardening the second Annabelle straddled him, so he slipped his hands through the leg openings of her shorts. Mark grabbed her ass, picked her up and carried her up to his bedroom and sat her on the end of the bed. They were kissing passionately and their hands were roaming each other's bodies as they started removing their clothes.

Once they were naked, Annabelle sniffed the air, then herself, grabbed Mark by the cock and said, “Showers!” Then leading him to the locker room.

When they arrived, it was clear to both of them that Joe was fucking Kat from behind. His hands were squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Kat was moaning and had her eyes closed.

Mark didn’t think he could get any harder, but apparently he could and Annabelle could feel it too, so they backed out of the locker room and simply went to the double lounge chair out in the courtyard. She straddled Mark as he sat on the lounger. His cock ended up right where it needed to be as he slid into her silky depths.

They slowly fucked with Annabelle in her cowgirl position. Her breasts pressed against his chest and their lips locked together in a passionate kiss.

“Harder… faster,” she urged him on.

They turned around so Annabelle was in a missionary position so Mark could watch his cock sliding in and out of the nubile teenager. Realizing he would not last much longer, Annabelle seemed to sense it and she begged, “Please Mark, cum in me. I want to feel you explode deep inside. Make me a woman!”

Mark reached his tipping point and his cum started erupting deep into Annabelle’s pussy. His climax triggering another orgasm for her, causing her pussy to spasm around his twitching cock, making sure she had drained his balls of every drop of his precious seed.

Satiated from their quick sexual encounter, Mark pulled her up off the lounger and kissed her deeply.

They walked to the shower naked, just in time to watch Kat jerking Joe off into her mouth and all over her face and boobs. 

Annabelle said, “Wow, dad, you made quite the mess!” to make their presence known as they entered the locker room, turned on their showers and adjusted the temperatures.

With Joe spent, he finished his shower, exited, and started drying himself off. 

Kat washed Joe’s cum off her face and breasts, and was now eyeing Mark as she soaped up her breasts and pussy, making sure they were squeaky clean. Kat noticed the cum dripping down the inside of Annabelle’s thigh as she got a gleam in her eye. “I see you’ve taken her cherry and made her a woman!”

Mark was shocked as he looked at Annabelle and asked, “You were a virgin?”

Annabelle nodded. “Yes, I’ve been saving myself for someone special, and that someone was you! Though I will admit that I have been using mom’s dildos so I wouldn’t appear so inexperienced.”

Kat then exited the shower and dried herself off, while Annabelle and Mark hastily finished their showers.

Kat kissed both Mark and Annabelle good night. Then, as she was leaving, she turned to her daughter and said, “Don’t wear him out too much. I might want some of that tomorrow!”

They finished their showers and retired to Mark’s room, where she eventually coaxed another load of cum into her pussy. Having cum twice as much today as in the previous year, Mark and Annabelle drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

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