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University students rockhounding in Arizona accidentally discover a cave with skeletons and a strange stone.


Under the light of the full moon runic markings appear on the stone, along with a fairy that offer them a quest... a trial quest of sorts.

Accepting the quest, James and his friends get transported to another time and place with a tight timeline to complete a vague quest.


The fairy promised they couldn't die...  but you'd be amazed what you can live through!

Do you like adventures?

The Runes of Elsewhere is a work in progress. It started as a creative writing project for a course I was taking through a local university. I added 31K words during NaNoWriMo 2023 and is currently sitting around 85% complete. The planned release is Spring/Summer 2025. It will be serially published exclusively for subscribers here, and eventually for members on Ream Stories and Patreon.

There is no schedule for posting the chapters at this time.

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