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The Runes of Elsewhere - 1

Road Trip

James opened his eyes, quickly glancing at the clock on his bedside table—seeing 5:55 in big red numbers.

That clock’s alarm was for 7:00, although he honestly couldn’t remember the last time it ever actually went off—it was just a backup. His primary alarm was for 6:00 on his phone, but he usually awoke minutes before it sounded.

Like now.

He switched off the backup alarm and smiled, having now officially graduated from the geoscience program at the University of Calgary. No more classes—ever! As a bonus, to kick off this new phase of his life, he was leaving for two weeks to go rockhounding.

Last night though, he and his fellow graduates had attended a year-end party last night as sort of a graduation celebration. In anticipation of his trip, though, he hadn’t planned on staying late, nor drinking much.

Until one of his classmates introduced him to her friend—a social sciences sophomore named Jia.

She was a part-time model with an enthralling Russian accent—fiery red hair, enchanting green eyes, milky white skin, small perky breasts topped with pink nipples, a bare pussy with a red landing strip, and an amazing ass. 

A look that turned the heads of both men and women when she walked by. He estimated her to be 5’5”, 108 lbs and 34A-24-35 measurements—using what his friends referred to as his superpower, since he was usually pretty accurate. Being raised on a farm and frequently having to guess weights and measures might have had something to do with it?

They talked at length and, while James certainly hadn’t planned on getting lucky—he couldn’t resist Jia’s full court press. Eventually escorting her back to his place for a night of debauchery.

A soft sigh from the adjacent pillow, confirmed Jia was still soundly asleep. Her tousled red hair partially covering her flawless face. The mere vision of such beauty tempted him to wake her, but he opted to let her sleep and get out of bed before his alarm sounded.

He slowly removed the covers from his body and eased himself into a sitting position on the edge of the bed as she turned over, exposing her perfect ass.

Such innocent looking beauty, though she was a total minx last night. Remembering the previous night’s tryst gave him a big grin, as a single word came to mind—krasivaya!

That means beautiful in Russian, in case you didn’t know.

James knew words in a variety of languages, but none to any level that would allow him to converse in anything but English. Although he could probably understand enough words in certain languages to at least get the general gist of whatever he was reading or hearing.

He sighed at her beauty, and as much as he wanted to wake her up and have some fun, he really needed to pee. So, he covered her up and made the quick trip to the washroom to deal with his morning ablutions and acknowledge the phone alarm.

After finishing his business, he proceeded to the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee. 

Those single-cup coffee makers really are the bomb!

His apartment was quite new and on the top floor of his building. You entered straight into the kitchen area with an eating bar in the centre. The living room was straight ahead and the balcony beyond it. The washroom was directly to the left and connected to the bedroom by a walk-thru closet.

Despite its measly 576 square feet, the place looked spacious because of the sparse furnishings. Only a couch and TV in the living room and a couple of patio chairs on the balcony. Most of his furniture was the bedroom suite.

James didn’t care, though. The key feature he liked was the unobstructed view of the mountains to the west, with the rest of the city nestled down in the Bow River valley.

While waiting for the coffee, he wrapped a towel around his waist—thanks to a few uptight neighbours complaining about him being nude on the balcony—so he now had to cover up when he was out there.

Stupid glass railings!

With coffee in hand, he stepped outside. Shivering for a second as the cool morning breeze touched his naked skin. Both hands cupping his coffee mug for its warmth as he sat down in a chair.

It looked like it was going to be another beautiful day in Calgary as he looked off toward the mountains. He never tired of the morning view at this time of the year—watching the mountains appear to catch fire as the rising sun touched them. Highlighting their majesty and making them glow against the still shadowed city.

As majestic as the mountains were, they were also a constant reminder that the time was nearing when he’d have to decide what to do with the family farm—in the foothills of those very mountains.

His parents had passed away two years ago, his mom from cancer just after Thanksgiving and his dad a couple of months later by a freak accident. 

Something happened when he was out tending to the cattle. He ended up freezing to death, but he had broken bones. The authorities suspect that maybe the cows got spooked by a predator and stampeded. Stepping on him and his phone.

Mr. Johnson, the neighbour, found him the next morning after noticing the truck was still out in the pasture. James was his second call, right after the authorities.

With their passing, James—being an only child—inherited everything.

When his mother passed, James had offered to quit school, move home and help with the farm, but his dad was adamant that someone in the family should have more than a high school education. Which is why he felt compelled to finish his geoscience program.

Unfortunately, the farm was over two hours’ drive northwest of the city—impractical for commuting—thus the apartment. He still drove out there every few weeks to check the place over, but Mr. Johnson kept an eye out as well and Brian, his son, kept the lawn mowed.

The farm was debt-free after being in the family for generations, but to cover the taxes and utilities, James auctioned all the cattle and rented the farmland to neighbours. The land rentals and oil leases paid the bills—barely.

There were a lot of memories on the farm, which is why he was reluctant to sell. Truth be told, he didn’t mind farm life. Sure, it was a lot of hard work, but it was rewarding and you were your own boss. Although his dad often joked that the cows were his boss. They moo, you move!

The place had plenty of land and the rental agreements were good until the end of the year. So, if he kept the farm, he could buy some livestock and take back some or all of his land. Although there were other options to consider as well.

He would not make a rush decision, figuring he had until his apartment lease expired at the end of June to decide.

That’s not now!

Today, it is the end of April, and—for the next two weeks—he and three of his fellow students were accompanying the geology professor and his wife on their annual rockhounding expedition.

Professor Kevin Chase used to be a geologist for an oil and gas company. After taking on the teaching role a few years ago, his annual trip was his way of getting out in the field and celebrating another scholastic year.

This was the first time taking passengers, though. He had turned fifty-five this year and traded in the camper trailer for an RV that actually had enough room for passengers. 

Passengers that could share the fuel costs!

There were 4 students, plus the professor and his wife, that were going to drive to Arizona in the professor’s 2019 Forest River SunSeeker 3010DSF. 

The RV featured two slide-outs, an overhead bunk, a sofa behind the driver’s seat that turned into a bed, a dinette that turned into a bed and a queen-sized bed at the back. It would be crowded—but workable.

Plus, they were only sleeping in it while travelling. Once they reached the RV resort, the prof and his wife would stay in the RV, and the students were splitting the cost of a six-person cabin.

As he enjoyed his coffee, and the majestic view, James mentally went through his checklists.

His backpack was a ‘go bag’ containing first aid kit, rockhounding tools, hiking boots, gloves, rain poncho, boonie hat, flashlight, rope, sunscreen, energy bars and a water bottle.

Not having to think about the backpack, he was primarily thinking about what clothes he had packed in his suitcase. He also had a carry-on bag with two decks of cards, dice, battery pack, wall charger, phone and tablet charging cables and, of course, his passport.

He had set aside a t-shirt, shorts and a pair of sandals to wear for the trip, and he would pack his toiletries in the carry-on just before leaving.

The plan was to meet at the main university entrance roundabout at 8:00, and they didn’t need to eat breakfast beforehand, since they were would eat at a truck stop just south of the city.

James usually biked the 5 minutes to campus, but he estimated that it would take him about 25 minutes to walk, so he needed to leave by 7:30.

He then realized his coffee cup was empty, and went inside to make another cup.

As his coffee was being made, he had his suitcase open on the living room floor and was visually confirming he had forgotten nothing.

The sound of the toilet flushing and water running announced that Jia was awake. Seconds later, making her way into the kitchen—sans clothing.


“Good morning, gorgeous!” He said, greeting her with a kiss.

As they parted, he waved his hand toward two pod carousels—one loaded with various coffees and the other with teas. “Would you like some coffee or tea?”

“Good morning to you as well. All ready for your trip?” She asked, putting her phone down on the eating bar, before looking through the carousels.

“I think so. I’ll figure out what I forgot as soon as we’re on the road. That’s just the way it goes.” He answered as he got a cup for her and readied it in the coffeemaker.

She chose an Earl Grey tea, and while the drink was being made, she kissed him much more passionately. Their bodies moving in such a manner that his towel fell to the floor.

Jia’s naked body bringing James’s cock to attention as she grasped his shaft and gently stroked it.

With a mischievous grin on her face, she asked, “For me?”

He leaned in and kissed her as he grabbed her ass and lifted her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around him and guided his nine-inch circumcised cock into her wet slit as he set her down on top of the island.

Jia glanced at the clock on the stove, which displayed 6:50. “What time do you have to leave?”

“I’ve got to be out of here by 7:30.” 

With a sultry look, she leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs into splits. Not only was she a model, but maybe a gymnast as well?

This position allowed them to watch his cock slowly sliding in and out of her now bright pink pussy. The thin strip of fiery red pubic hair pointing toward her pussy, obscenely stretched around his cock.

“Mmm, I like slow and sensual, but if we’re going to cum—you’re going to have to fuck me! Especially if we’re going to have a shower.” She said biting her bottom lip; a sparkle of expectation in her green eyes.

James obliged, picking up the pace and pounding his cock in and out of her. Her pussy turning even brighter pink from its assault; his balls slapping against her puckered asshole; his pelvis mashing her clit and making her tiny breasts jiggle as he bottomed out with each inward thrust.

It didn’t take but a few minutes of fast, furious fucking before Jia felt James’s cock get bigger and harder. The anticipation of his orgasm triggering her climax as her pussy tightened around his cock. Her contractions in turn pushing him over the brink as he began pumping hot cum deep inside her.

Jia moaned as she achieved her goal of coaxing another load of cum from James.

In the afterglow of their impromptu coitus, she remembered something. She grabbed her phone, unlocked it, then activated the camera application. She handed it to him and said, "No faces!"

Before he took a picture, she changed her mind and made some requests. “Take a picture of your cock just as you pull out. Make sure your entire cock is shown, but also my pussy.”

James took the picture, capturing her bright pink pussy, still gaping open and cum about to leak out of it. He then switched it to video mode as he recorded his cock sliding all the way in, then all the way out and then back in again. He then stopped the recording as he pulled out and handed the phone back to her.

She wrapped her legs around him again and brought herself up to kiss him. “Mmm, what a way to wake up!”

“I couldn’t agree more!” He said, keeping his cock inside her as he held her ass and carried her into the shower. A copious amount of cum escaping her pussy once his cock slipped out of its tight confines.

“Wow, I can’t believe you cum that much!” She said with a smile on her face as he turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature.

They enjoyed a quick shower and got ready for the day. He even gave her a new toothbrush to use from the multi pack he kept under the bathroom sink. After brushing their teeth, James collected his toiletries as they returned to the bedroom to dress.

Now ready to go, James put his toiletries in his carry-on and went to the kitchen.

They finished their lukewarm drinks as Mark closed his balcony door, taking one last look around his apartment until his reminder alarm went off at 7:30. 

James acknowledged the reminder as they rinsed and deposited their empty cups into the dishwasher. 

After exiting and locking his apartment, they exchanged phone numbers in the elevator on the way to the ground.

While walking to his place last night, Jia had pointed out that she lived in the next apartment building over from his. They walked to the lobby of her building, where they shared another passionate kiss, promising to touch base when he returned.


Just over 20 minutes later, James arrived at the roundabout. The others were already waiting, but the professor hadn’t arrived yet. 

Professor Chase and James talked frequently, so James knew who was coming on the trip, but he only knew one of them well and that was only because they were a fellow graduate that he’d spent the last few years taking classes with.

Waiting to go on the trip was Hiro, a 19-year-old Asian freshman. Roughly 5’6” and maybe 120 lbs with short black hair. He was on the scrawny side, and he appeared to be playing on one of those portable gaming devices. Nothing says social outcast like playing video games and ignoring the beautiful world around you!

Speaking of beautiful—Haley was also coming on the trip. She was a 24-year-old graduate, just like James. In fact, it was Haley that hooked him up with Jia. Haley was a social butterfly, she seemed to know everybody. She was tall, had a very fit-looking body, blonde hair, enchanting green eyes, a great-looking ass and decent breasts to boot. James estimated she was 5’10”, 123 lbs with measurements of 34B-24-35.

Next to Haley was Vina, a 21-year-old sophomore that the professor had introduced him to a few weeks ago when she signed on for the trip. She was a cute little thing, Asian, with silky black hair, sparkling brown eyes and a tight little ass, but almost no breasts to speak of. James estimated she was 5’0”, 84 lbs and roughly 34AA-24-34. 

James just couldn’t get over how small she was, with him being 6’3” and 200 lbs.

Except for Hiro, they had talked about the trip a few times before, most recently at the party last night. 

As he set his luggage, backpack, and carry-on down, both girls were looking at Haley’s phone.

Haley looked up and smiled at James. “So you rocked Jia’s world a few times last night… and then again this morning?”

James just shook his head in mock disbelief. “Whatever happened to not kissing and telling?”

Haley laughed. “It sounds like a lot more than kissing went on!”

Her phone then chimed as she tapped the screen and then both Haley and Vina gasped as they covered their mouths and then looked at James. “It also looks like a lot more than kissing went on. You have quite the package!”

James then clued in to why Jia asked him to take pictures on her phone. That had to be what the girls were looking at right now.

He obviously knew the pictures, but was curious if Jia had said anything else as he moved to peek at Haley’s phone. 

Haley recognized his interest and showed him her phone displaying the picture, and the only message visible was, ‘Happy jilling!

James just shook his head. “Seriously?!” His phone then chimed with a message from Jia. “The picture was part of the deal I made with Haley for her to hook me up with you! Are you mad?

He replied. “No, I’m not mad. Besides, there're no faces. Haley just showed me the picture. It just makes me miss you already. Can you send it to me?”

A minute later, his phone chimed three times. He looked at his messages and saw Jia had sent him the picture, the video, and another video she made blowing him a kiss and saying, “Have fun in Arizona, don’t forget about me. Watch out for Haley. She is totally going to fuck you!”

Haley’s phone then chimed as both girls gasped. “Oh, my god! This is masturbation gold!”

James glanced at her phone and saw that Jia had sent the video. “Good, you owe me a masturbation video! It only seems fair!”

He then looked at Vina, whose eyes were wide, despite her ear-to-ear grin. “As for you, you’re now an accomplice to this, don’t think you’re getting off scot free!”

Vina just laughed as both she and Haley seemed to contemplate something, but everyone’s attention shifted as the professor’s RV pulled in and came to a stop in front of them.

Seconds later, the professor and his wife stepped out, with the professor introducing Cory, to everyone.

The professor, Kevin, was 55 years old, 6’, short dark brown hair with a touch of grey, athletic build, grey eyes, and about 180 lbs. He kept in good physical shape, but he probably had to if he wanted to keep up with his trophy wife.

His wife, Cory, was a total MILF. A fitness instructor with dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, glasses and a body to die for. James guessed she was just over 40 years old, 5’5”, 108 lbs with measurements around 34C-25-34.

With introductions made, Kevin opened up the basement storage areas where they could store their luggage, but before loading, he went over the ground rules for the trip. “The RV washroom is for emergencies only. Use the public restrooms when we stop. Figure out where everyone will sleep for the one night down there and the one night back, the cabin sleeps up to 6 with a queen-size bed, a full-size sofa bed and two bunk beds, so you will all have your own beds. Remember, your fee covers gas, accommodations, breakfasts and lunches once we’re down there. Meals during the trip, suppers, snacks and everything else, you pay for yourself.”

Everyone stowed their gear and luggage underneath, grabbed their carry-on bags, which likely had their essentials, then boarded the RV. 

They were soon making their way down Crowchild Trail to Glenmore and then over to the Deerfoot on their way out of the city. 

Their first stop being the truck stop about 15 minutes south of the city limits, but with the campus being on the northwest side of the city, they’d be on the road for just under an hour by the time they reached the truck stop.

Hiro sat on the sofa and put on his seatbelt, followed immediately by his headphones, and began playing his video game. Vina, Haley, and James sat at the dinette, which also had seat belts. The dinette seated one person on each end and then 2 people along the back.

Minutes after pulling away from the university, James pulled a deck of cards out of his carry-on, opened them up, and started shuffling. With a smile he said, “The game is strip poker, 5-card, single draw; once you’re naked, the winner tasks the losers!”

Everyone began laughing except Hiro.

“Sorry hun, but it sounds like all the fun will be back there!” Cory said, as she feigned undoing her seatbelt, like she was going to join them.

Except for Kevin, they were all looking at Hiro and shaking their heads.

Hiro had heard nothing. 

Cory, realizing it was a ploy to see if Hiro was playing attention, changed the subject. “The RV has satellite radio, so we can have tunes all the way. What kind of music do you all listen to?”

There was a bit of banter back and forth as everyone seemed to have a different primary music taste, but everyone agreed that classic rock was probably the most universal music everyone liked. 

Kevin was happy, as that was his go-to preset on the satellite radio, anyway. 

Hiro hadn’t taken part in the decision, but it didn’t look like he’d be listening to the tunes, anyway.

In less than an hour, they reached the truck stop, which had an A&W restaurant attached to a convenience store. 

Everyone ordered their breakfasts and sat down to eat. Kevin and Cory sat at one table and the others at a table across the aisle. 

For the first time, Hiro didn’t have his headphones on and wasn’t playing his game. 

Kevin motioned for James to come over and sit with them, so he swapped tables. “Were you serious about the strip poker?” Kevin asked, as he and Cory seemed concerned.

“Hey if the girls are up for it, I’ll gladly play! But no, I was just seeing if Hiro was paying any attention. It saddens me to see someone so addicted to screen time they miss out on everything that’s going on around them.”

Cory laughed. “It just surprised me! We had been on the road less than 5 minutes and that was the first thing you suggested.” Then quietly she whispered. “Hiro seems like a bit of an odd duck, but do you know the girls that well?”

“I’ve talked to Vina a few times since the idea for this trip came about. Haley, I know fairly well, we’ve gone through the entire program together.” James then glanced at the other table, then speaking loud enough for them to hear, he said, “You need to watch out for Haley though, she’s an amateur extortionist and all around troublemaker.”

Haley laughed. “Quit your bellyaching. You’re just upset because I showed Vina a picture of you this morning!”

Cory laughed as she went over and sat beside Haley. “Let’s see this picture?”

Haley pulled up her phone and Cory reacted the same as the girls had earlier, gasping and covering her mouth. “Oh, my!” Then she looked at Haley with curiosity. “Was that you and him?”

Haley scoffed. “No! That was him and my friend I introduced him to last night! He’s the one you need to watch out for!”

Hiro then asked, “Can I see the picture?”

Haley, Cory and Vina all simultaneously said, “No!”

James suggested, “It wasn’t for you either, Haley. Maybe you should delete it off your phone?”

“Fine!” She pouted as she deleted the evidence, or at least pretended to.

As everyone finished breakfast, Kevin and Cory pulled out their travel mugs and ordered two coffees to go. Hiro and Vina also pulled out travel mugs and ordered tea to go.

James realized he forgot to pack his travel mug, so he excused himself to run next door to buy one, prompting Haley to go buy a travel mug as well.

In the convenience store, they purchased the same type of mug, just with different colours so they wouldn’t get them mixed up. James paid for both mugs and the free drinks that come with the purchase of a mug. James got it filled with half hot chocolate and half dark roast, and Haley tried it as well. With drinks in hand, they walked outside and across the parking lot toward the RV.

As they walked, Haley admitted, “I didn’t actually delete the picture. I promise I won’t show it to anyone else. I just didn’t want Hiro to beg and dig further.”

James said, “I figured as much. Speaking of masturbation material, you owe me a video.”

Haley just smiled. Then just before they reached the group, she quietly said, “Maybe I’ll let you run the camera.”

Her comment stopped James in his tracks as he looked at her with one eyebrow raised and his lips pursed in a grin.

As soon as everyone was on board, James announced, “The game will be strip poker, 5-card, single draw; once you’re naked, the winner tasks the losers!”

Kevin and Cory both began laughing and even Hiro perked up on hearing that. “Are you serious?”

Cory looked at Kevin and joked. “Sorry hun, it really sounds like it’ll be more fun in the back.”

Kevin agreed. “Sounds like it! James, would you like to drive for a bit?”

James just laughed. “I was just kidding about the game, but I’ll gladly do some driving to give you a break.”

James had several travel games on his tablet, a generic scoreboard app, a virtual cribbage board, and a Yahtzee scorecard app, so they played several games to pass the time, but strip poker wasn’t one of them. 

After all, it was still morning.


A little over 3 hours later, they were digging out their passports as they arrived at the Coutts/Sweetgrass border crossing.

Kevin continued to drive until they stopped for fuel near Great Falls, grabbing a lunch of whatever foods were available at the truck stop, and at that point, James took over driving to give Kevin a chance to relax.

James drove until they reached Pocatello, where they stopped for fuel again. It was around suppertime and they wanted to stretch their legs, so James, Hiro, Vina and Haley went for a walk and found a pizza place with great online reviews. It was several blocks from where they were refuelling, so they called Kevin, but ended up speaking to Cory and they agreed to pizza for supper. They ordered 3 different large pizzas for variety and by the time the pizzas were ready, Kevin and Cory were there with the RV to pick them up. They then stopped to eat in a mall parking lot a few blocks further down the road.

No one had slept during the entire trip. 

Hiro spent more time playing his video game, but everyone had played a lot of games, although not strip poker. They also read books and they even watched a couple of movies. 

There was also lots of conversation regarding what kinds of sandwiches people liked for lunches, since they hadn’t pre-stocked the fridge with anything but water for the trip, and they had extra flats of water in the storage. 

They already had a list of places to go rockhounding, but did some further research, learning that it allowed them to collect up to 250 lbs of specimens each. They also looked at the location of the RV resort they would stay at. 

It was easy to see why Kevin and Cory liked it. It was central to many of the areas everyone wanted to go rockhounding and had lots of amenities. The campground had full hookups, cabins, swimming pool, spa, mini golf, volleyball, a games room, sports courts, ball diamond, public washrooms, showers and so on.

The goal for day one was to make it to Salt Lake City. That would put them on the road for a little over 14 hours, which isn’t bad when split between multiple drivers. Tomorrow would have 8 to 9 hours of driving to reach their destination. So if they got on the road early, then tomorrow night they could go for a swim, have showers and relax before going rockhounding in the heat the next day.

After pizza, Kevin drove the last 2.5 hours until they reached Salt Lake City and then just pulled into one of the larger Interstate rest areas. He pushed the auto-level button and extended the slide outs. You wouldn’t think sliding part of the interior out 3 feet would make that much of a difference, but it opened the area up immensely.

It was just a rest area, so there were no hookups, but they had been running the AC throughout the day and the temperatures had cooled off once the sun went down, so it wasn’t so warm that they would have difficulties sleeping.

The pre-determined sleeping arrangements didn’t work out as well as everyone thought. 

Hiro got the bunk above the cab. It suited him fine since he could pull the curtain and had his own space. The girls would share the sofa bed as it was big enough for two people, then James was going to sleep on the converted dinette.

As they settled into the beds, the girls saw James didn’t really fit on the dinette, so Vina swapped beds with him. So James and Haley ended up sleeping on the sofa bed, where James’s feet could hang over the end.

Nothing happened that night, as everyone was asleep in almost no time.

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