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The Runes of Elsewhere - 2


In the morning, Kevin and Cory opened the bedroom curtain and tried to sneak out, waking no one up, but James had also just awakened. They simply smiled, seeing the changed sleeping arrangements as they exited the camper.

James, however, found Haley’s hand resting on his crotch under the blanket. Sure, he had shorts and underwear on, but those didn’t prevent his cock from stiffening. He tried to extract himself out of the bed without waking her, but was unsuccessful in that endeavour.

As Haley awakened, she realized where her hand was. Smiling, she withdrew her hand, but suddenly slipped it inside his loose fitting shorts, and stroked him until he was rock hard, before collecting a drop of precum on her thumb, then finally withdrawing her hand and sucking her thumb.

James just shook his head as he got out of bed and slipped on his sandals; he noticed Vina was awake as well. Everyone still wearing the same clothes as yesterday, for obvious reasons.

Haley went to get out of bed, but in the second she was on her knees, James capitalized by grabbing her shorts and pantsing her.

Haley was not wearing underwear.

She didn’t make a noise, instead she leaned forward, reached around with both hands and spread her bare pussy open. 

James took the opportunity as he bent down and gave her clit a few flicks with his tongue, before licking deep inside her slit.

After the lick, Haley had a satisfied grin as she pulled up her shorts. Vina had been watching and had a huge grin on her face as she whispered, “I can’t believe you two just did that!”

James then surprised her and asked, “Oh yeah, you’re an accomplice in this! Did you want to be included?”

Vina threw off the blankets and got on all fours. James pulled her pants down, exposing her bare pussy with dark labia; Haley spread Vina’s pussy open as James licked her. Then, in a surprise move, Haley bent down and got a good lick as well.

Vina had an ear-to-ear grin on her face as she pulled up her pants before the trio stepped out of the RV en route to the washrooms.

They met up with Kevin and Cory about halfway to the washrooms, as Cory stopped and asked them, “So what happened to the sleeping arrangements everyone had decided on?”

Haley patted James on the chest. “It turns out that big guy here doesn’t fit on the dinette. His head was on one wall and his feet were on the other. Then Vina couldn’t get comfortable on the sofa bed, so they swapped beds. James fit better on the sofa bed where his feet could hang off the end.”

Cory said, “Go do your business and we’ll get ready to leave. If I remember correctly, there is a Denny’s or IHOP a few miles up the road where we can stop for breakfast. If Hiro needs to go, he can either get up and do it now, or wait until we reach the restaurant. He’s the lucky one. He has a usable sleeping area even when we’re moving!”

Kevin had just finished getting the RV ready to travel as they returned to the RV. “Get in! Hiro will go when we get to the restaurant.” 

Kevin and Cory climbed into the front seats while the three of them settled in around the dinette and they drove out of the rest area.

They had only been on the road for a few minutes when Cory said, “We were a lot closer than I thought.” 

A minute later, they were parking at the far end of a Denny’s parking lot.

Hiro finally made his appearance as he crawled out of the bunk and joined the crew.

Upon entering the establishment, Hiro headed straight for the washrooms, while a hostess guided them to one of those long booths that could fit 3 per side.

Haley, James, and Vina sat on one side, leaving Kevin, Cory, and Hiro, when he returned from the washroom on the other.

Cory asked, “What’s the deal with Hiro? You three all seem to be good friends, Hiro doesn’t seem as social as you three are.”

Kevin felt compelled to explain. “Hiro was my top freshman this year. He isn’t very social from what I gathered, just from talking to him. The way his parents raised him, he’s never really gotten out into the world. They still pamper him, and they’ve got money. 

He interacts with others when doing class work, but didn’t seem to do it on his own. I invited him, thinking it might help with some social interaction and get him out into the world and away from his parents’ oversight.”

While awaiting Hiro’s return, the server distributed the menus and recited the special, while filling their water glasses and pouring coffee into the mugs of those wanting it.

Once the server left, Cory asked, “How did these three get involved?”

“I mentioned I do this trip every year and that the place we go has cabins that are available for rent. Haley was the one that came up with the original idea of organizing a group trip, but it didn’t materialize.

After buying the RV, I told James about it and then we came up with this idea, but since it was originally Haley’s idea, I mentioned it to her, and she agreed.

I didn’t publicly announce that I was going to take students on this trip, but the resort has 4 and 6 person cabins, so I mentioned it to a few others in the graduating class, but everyone else already had plans or didn’t have the money.

James and Haley both paid up right away, so I figured we should take at least 4 people to split the cost of the cabin, so I started mentioning it to some top sophomore and freshmen students with the caveat that there were only 2 spots available and the fee reserves your spot. Vina was one of two interested sophomores, and she paid right away.”

Hiro then returned, and within a couple of minutes, the server returned and took everyone’s orders. Now that everyone was present, Cory asked, “So how did everyone sleep last night?”

James gave Cory an odd look. “Horizontally and with my eyes closed. How do you sleep?”

Everyone chuckled as Cory just face palmed and shook her head. “I should have expected something like that from you.” She then looked at Kevin and asked, “Is he always this way?”

Kevin and Haley were both nodding.

Cory thought for a second. “Let me rephrase my question, then. I see the sleeping arrangements changed last night. Is everyone OK with the changes?”

James jokingly shook his head no. “Haley is a blanket hog, but I kept to the foot of space on the edge that she gave me. We made it work.”

Kevin laughed. “I know, right? Out of an entire bed, I get about a couple of feet on one edge and she gets the rest.”

Cory hit him in the arm and continued on with her question. “Any actual issues?”

Everyone shook their heads.

Cory smiled. “You all get your own beds tonight. We booked the 6-person cabin and they are allowing us to park the RV there. I don’t know the layout of the cabin, but it has a queen bed, a full size sofa bed, and twin bunks. So you’ll have to figure out who gets to sleep where, when we get there.”

The server began delivering their orders and refilling their coffee mugs as everyone dug into their breakfasts. The talk over breakfast was casual, mostly about how long the trip was going to take, approximately when they’d be arriving and likely places they were going to stop.

They figured they’d fill up in about 4 hours’ time, which would roughly be lunch. That tank of fuel should get them the rest of the way, arriving around supper time. Then they could eat, relax, and settle in.

After breakfast, they were back on the road, watching movies and playing games. 

Even Hiro was taking part.

They stopped in Springdale for fuel and lunch and then continued on to Cottonwood, where they stopped for supper. The campground has a lot of amenities, but no restaurant.

Everyone was so eager to get to the campground that they voted against a sit down meal and just ordered take out food that they could eat at the cabin.

With food in hand, they made their way out to the Valley Verde Camping & RV Resort after over 9 hours of driving.

Fortunately, Cory had called ahead to inform them of their arrival time, so the check-in process was a breeze.


The cabin they got was one of the newer 6-person cabins, although the interior didn’t afford as much privacy as they expected. There really were only 2 rooms plus the washroom, there was the bedroom with the queen-size bed, then the rest of the place was a combination kitchen/living room/dining room/bedroom area.

To make it fair, they put names in a hat and let Cory draw them. The first name got the bedroom, the second name got the sofa bed, the last two got the bunk beds. Hiro got the bedroom, James got the sofa bed, and the girls got the bunks. They agreed Vina could have the top bunk, and Haley took the bottom.

With the sleeping arrangements determined. Everyone changed into swimsuits and made their way to the pool.

Cory went out to help Kevin setup the RV and change as James just stripped off and changed in the common area. The girls were staring as Hiro asked, “It doesn’t bother you to undress in front of other people?”

“Not really. I grew up out in the country. As kids, we always had to go outside to play and then you’d end up getting dirty or just plain hot and you’d go skinny dipping in the stream. Once you’ve done it a few times, it’s really not a big deal to undress in public. Plus, they’ve both seen me nude, that was the picture they didn’t want you to see.”

Hiro thought about it for a second until he turned and went to his room and closed the door. By that time, James changed into his trunks and the girls were still standing there watching him.

James walked towards the girls. “Aren’t you two changing?”

The girls followed James’s lead and just stripped off in the hallway, but knowing they had his undivided attention, they gave him a bit of a show. Once they were naked, they got into their bunks and dug out their bikinis. Vina was on her knees as she looked in her luggage for her bikini, putting her ass and pussy at the perfect height for James. As he stepped up to the bunks, grabbed her hips and began licking her pussy. Vina found her bikini and then just turned around, positioning her sex at the edge of the bed and pulled her legs out into splits, allowing James unrestricted access.

James leaned forward, spread her open and continued probing her beautiful pussy with his tongue, savouring every drop of her sweet nectar. His cock was hard and bulging out the front of his trunks, so Haley pulled out his cock out and started giving him a blowjob.

Hiro asked from his room, “I didn’t bring a swimming towel. Do we use the towels from the bathroom at the pool?” 

“Most pools have towels there. Just pick one up when you arrive and drop it in the bin when you leave!” Haley replied as she reluctantly put James’s cock back in his shorts, quickly finished putting on her bikini and got out of bed, only to see James eating out Vina.

Haley pushed James away. “Let the girl get changed!”

Vina pouted as she put her bottoms on, but before she could pull them up, Haley added. “Besides, I want some!” Vina just left her bottoms around her ankles and spread her thighs for Haley, her legs forming a diamond.

In retaliation for getting pushed out of the way, James grabbed Haley’s hips and rubbed his erection against her bikini-clad ass. When she pushed her ass back at him, he took out his cock and slipped it through the leg hole of her bottoms, letting the material hold his cock against her hot pussy. He then reached around and massaged her breasts as she ate Vina’s pussy.

Haley reached behind her and pulled his cock out of her bikini bottoms, then slid them down and guided him back between her legs. Then she reached down between her legs as their hips rocked back and forth; his cock sliding along her wet slit as she held his cock against her clit. Haley was applying increased pressure and rocking her hips more, the head of his cock nearly slipping inside her on every stroke.

Haley moaned into Vina’s pussy when the head of James’s cock finally slipped inside her. Unfortunately, it was just as they heard Hiro opening his door.

They all separated and made quick adjustments to their swimsuits, while Vina slipped on her bottoms and jumped down from the bunk.

Hiro came out of his room and went straight into the washroom, then a few seconds later, came out with all the towels. “It looks like we have 6 towels. Do we take these, just in case they don’t have towels there?”

Haley said, “I plan on having a shower tonight, so I’m leaving my towel here; surely they will have towels at the pool area. Besides, I wear a t-shirt over my swimsuit, so if they don’t have towels I’ll just use my shirt.”

That idea had merit, so they put the towels on the table, slipped t-shirts on, and exited the cabin.

Outside, the RV had been fully setup, so they surveyed the area while waiting for Kevin and Cory to emerge. The campground overlooked the Verde River Valley, so there were some good rockhounding areas right at their doorstep.


According to the trail signs, the pool wasn’t very far away, and they simply followed the beaten path and the splashing sounds.

The pool was busy.

With a sign at the gate saying to remember your own towels, there was none available at the pool, and only one available lounge chair. So they all dumped their t-shirts on the lounger and went for a quick dip in the refreshing water. 

It just felt so good to be in the cool water after the long drive. It was just so crowded that they only splashed around in the water for about 15 minutes, before they went back to the cabin for showers and to relax in the air-conditioned cabin.

Once the cabin was in sight, Hiro yelled, “Dibs on the shower!”, as he ran inside.

Everyone else just entered the cabin, as James, Haley and Vina grabbed their towels and stripped off their wet swimsuits, much to Kevin and Cory’s surprise, but then followed suit. 

When in Rome…

As everyone sat around waiting for the shower and wearing only towels. James pulled out his deck of cards and single dice and then sat at the table. “The game is strip poker. 5-card, single draw; once you’re naked, the winner tasks the losers.”

Everyone just laughed as Cory asked, “Seriously? Is that all you think about?”

James laughed. “I think I speak for most guys—whether they admit it. When surrounded by beautiful women, if the opportunity to see them naked presents itself—take it!”

Kevin just laughed, nodding in agreement as Cory hit both of them.

James rolled the dice to determine who went first, shuffled the cards and dealt 5 cards to each player, and then started going around the table. With no ante, no chips, and only a towel, there was no need for more than a single draw, so each hand wouldn’t take very long.

Vina lost her towel first; James lost his towel next. Then Vina lost again and Cory won, so Cory asked for an explanation of the rules.

James explained for everyone’s benefit. “As the winner, you decide Vina’s task, it can be for Vina only or, if the second loser is also naked, you can give Vina a task to perform on the second loser which is...” as he looked over all the hands, “me. We then deal Vina out, so she can perform her task until we declare the next loser. Either loser can refuse any task, so you may have to assign another task.”

Cory seemed to contemplate something, but not sure how far to go. She simply instructed Vina to masturbate. Embarrassed, Vina pulled her legs up onto the seat of the chair and started fingering her pussy while teasing her nipples with the other hand.

Hiro came out of the washroom at that moment and his eyes were wide with amazement as he was staring at Vina, who was still masturbating on her chair. “What’s going on here?”

James said, “It’s strip poker, start with just a towel and we’ll deal you in.” 

Hiro was only wearing a towel, so he pulled up the last chair as James explained the rules.

On the next hand, Cory lost her towel, exposing her enlarged breasts. The telltale scars from the enhancement surgery barely visible around her nipples. 

James wasn’t a huge fan of boob jobs, since most of them look absolutely horrid when naked or when natural breasts are nearby for comparison. Sure, there are legitimate reasons for getting a boob job, but if it’s not a medical necessity, natural is definitely the way to go. 

Cory’s breasts looked incredible, though, kudos to her surgeon.

Vina was very flushed, likely on the verge of cumming, having masturbated the entire time, but she pulled her chair back to the table and was back in the game.

Kevin lost his towel next, then Haley lost her towel, leaving Hiro the only person still with a towel as he asked, “Did I just win?”

James explained, “It’s a party game, so there really isn’t ever a winner. The fun is just playing. The game ends when people tire of playing.” Then, after a slight pause, he asked, “Does anyone want to quit?”

As he looked around the table for objections, but seeing none, he started dealing the next hand.

Hiro lost the next hand, so now everyone was naked, which meant every hand had tasks.

Haley lost the next hand, Vina was the second loser, and James won. The task he gave Haley was to suck Vina’s nipples.

Hiro had a raging boner as he stared at the tall blonde as she sucked on the Asian girl’s pert, dark nipples atop her tiny breasts.

Next, James lost, Cory was the second loser and Kevin won. Kevin thought for a second and said, “James, eat my wife’s pussy.”

James handed the deck of cards to Haley as Cory pushed her chair back and spread her legs. James knelt in front of her chair and dove in. She had a trimmed triangular bush pointing toward her shaved pussy with well-defined, almost meaty labia and pronounced clit.

Haley shuffled the cards for an extended length of time and took her time dealing and then asking for everyone’s draws. Cory was having difficulty concentrating under James’s oral ministrations. When it came time to show their hands, Cory came and actually squirted on James’ face.

It even impressed Kevin. “Wow, you rarely squirt. He must be good at cunnilingus.” He then high-fived James as he returned to his seat. Cory just laid her cards down while she was recovering from her orgasm. 

Cory’s distraction showed; she lost that hand and Kevin won. Hiro was the second loser. He made a production about what to get his wife to do, before finally saying, “I think Hiro needs a blowjob.” Thinking he could get Hiro more involved in the group.

James dealt the next hand, but just like Cory, Hiro’s mind obviously wasn’t on the game, as some of his cards were even facing outward. James asked Hiro three times for his draw as the expression on Hiro’s face was borderline scared. His body tensed; Cory recognized the signs as she abandoned the blowjob and simply stroked his cock as it squirted all over her tits.

It embarrassed Hiro that he came so quickly; he thanked Cory and then left for his room. 

Cory said, “I think he may have been a virgin. He certainly didn’t last long.”

Kevin got up from the table. “This is all my fault, I invited him and now I’ve embarrassed him.” He walked to Hiro’s door and knocked; upon receiving a response, he entered the room, shutting the door behind him.

Vina had an enormous smile on her face. “Cory, that was so hot! I think we should make James cum too!” 

With a mischievous grin, Vina sat on the table and spread her legs like she was doing the splits. Haley spread Vina’s pussy open and gave it a few good licks, “Come on big guy, she’s ready for you.”

James stood up and Cory guided his cock over to Vina’s waiting pussy, her eyes wide as the head of his cock neared her tiny slit. “I don’t know if it’ll fit. That pussy looks pretty tight.”

A few tentative pushes saw her pussy spread to accommodate his size; the wetness creating a slight smacking sound as Cory rubbed James’ cock up and down Vina’s little pussy.

Applying more pressure, Vina moaned as her pussy stretched open to allow him entry. With steady pressure, he kept pushing until he was fully inside her. Vina exhaled, “Oh wow, I knew he was big, but—just wow! Give me a sec to get used to it.”

James waited all but a few seconds as he pulled out; Vina moaned as her pussy lips stretched obscenely as they tried to prevent his withdrawal. He pulled out until just the head was still inside, then he thrust fully into her.

After a few strokes, Haley pulled his cock out and she and Cory licked it, before guiding back inside Vina, whose pussy was now gaping open. They could actually see her cervix as they guided his cock back inside the tiny Asian.

He repeated that move a couple more times before Vina began to orgasm. Haley pulled James’ cock out and they watched the inner muscles of Vina’s pussy as they contracted during her orgasm, Haley and Cory both inserting fingers into the contracting pussy to keep it spread open.

Just as her orgasm was subsiding, they guided his cock back into her. This time Vina teased, “Are you going to cum inside my little Asian pussy? Pump me full of your hot cum, just like in that picture with Jia.”

Haley smiled, then left for a second and came back with her phone. “Don’t worry, I won’t get anyone’s face in the video. James’s can you pull fully out and in a few times, so I can get an excellent shot of her gaping pussy?”

James was already nearing the precipice as he did what Haley asked and she was right in there filming it all close-up. Just as James was about to cum, Vina held her pussy open as James pulled all the way out, then Cory pumped his cock until he started squirting, then just held his cock at the edge of Vina’s pussy so Haley could get a clear video of his cum squirting into her open hole. Then, as his pulses diminished, Cory pulled his cock closer to Vina as he sank back inside.

Haley stopped recording as James then noticed that both Cory and Haley had been fingering themselves as they watched him breed Vina.

As he withdrew from Vina’s pussy one last time, her pussy gaping open again with a visible pool of cum inside. Haley grabbed her phone and got a couple of pictures before extending her tongue to lick Vina’s pussy. Cory also joined in on that as she also guided James’s cock towards her backside as she bent over to lick Vina.

James was still fairly hard as Cory rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet slit, before holding him at her hole and then pushing back. His cock slipping fully inside the hot MILF, he only managed a few strokes until Cory stood up, causing his cock to fall out of her. Then, grabbing his cock, she led him to Haley and positioned him at her pussy, then guided him inside. Soon he was deep inside the tall blonde.

Kevin came out of Hiro’s room at that moment. “Aww, it looks like I missed all the fun!”

Cory then sat on the table beside Vina and lay back, spreading her legs wide and then holding her pussy open. “No, you didn’t!”

Kevin stepped up and buried his cock in his wife. His erection had died down considerably during his talk with Hiro, but the sight of James fucking Haley—while she was eating Vina—had prompted his erection to return.

It didn’t take long before Kevin was cumming in Cory. James was simply slow fucking Haley and enjoying her body, not really in any danger of cumming soon. Once Kevin had withdrawn from Cory, Haley licked Kevin's cock clean and then joined Vina, lapping at Cory’s cum-filled quim.

Once the girls had cleaned up Cory’s pussy, both Kevin and Cory got up and went to the shower. 

Before leaving, Kevin said, “Hiro is OK! It was his first time, so let him deal with this, but I think he’ll be up for more playing as he becomes more comfortable in our company. He is just going to play some video games and go to bed.”

As the couple went into the shower, James was still slowly fucking Haley as Vina had dropped to her knees and was licking their union.

“You’re not going to cum soon, are you?” Haley asked, as both girls were thinking the same thing.

James shook his head. “Not soon, no!”

Haley turned around and grabbed his cock while giving James a kiss. “The next time you want to cum… it goes in my pussy!” 

Vina then smiled and said, “… and I get to video it!”

Vina looked at the TV on the wall, it was across from the sofa, so she suggested, “You have a full-size sofa bed, why don’t we set up your bed, then we can all relax and watch some TV or maybe a movie?”

Haley and James setup the sofa bed, while Vina found the blankets and then the TV remote. They then grabbed their pillows, brought them all to the sofa, and climbed under the blankets.

The three of them were channel surfing when Kevin and Cory came out of the washroom. They saw the three of them lying in bed naked as Cory laughed. “Just try to get some sleep tonight!”

They found a movie that they all liked, but had all seen before, allowing them to fall asleep before the end.


The sound of Kevin and Cory coming into the cabin to use the washroom woke up James. Kevin just shook his head as he whispered to his wife. “We could’ve got a smaller cabin!”

James opened his eyes at that moment as Kevin just smiled and went to the washroom. Haley had cuddled up to one side of him and Vina on the other.

Cory was just dressed in one of those night shirts that went down to just above her knees. “You guys didn’t fuck all night long, did you?”

Haley still had her eyes closed, but answered, “We didn’t fuck at all, actually!” Then she jerked awake and threw the covers off, exposing James’ morning wood, which she grabbed and started stroking. “Which reminds me, you still owe me a load of cum!”

Vina still had her eyes closed. “Give it a rest, you two. We’re going to be here for two weeks. There’ll be lots of chances to get some of his cum. Maybe we can even play a decent game of strip poker. That one was just getting interesting, and we stopped.”

Kevin exited the washroom at that moment and heard what Vina said, as he whispered, “You guys really shouldn’t all sleep together. That will just alienate Hiro. He already feels out of place. Let’s all try to include him more and see if we can’t break him out of his shell.”

James then pushed Vina and Haley out of bed. “Yeah! You two bed hogs can go find your own beds!” 

Once the girls were standing naked beside the bed, he pulled the blanket back up, closed his eyes, and feigned snoring.

Kevin just laughed as he went back out to the RV. Cory then went to the washroom as the girls grabbed his blanket and pulled it off the bed, then went to their bunks and began dressing for the day.

James got up and dressed, then converted his bed back into a sofa.

They forewent morning showers as Hiro came out of his room dressed for the day. As they went outside, Kevin and Cory had just finished getting the RV ready to go. “So this morning, we’ll go into Walmart and stock up the RV with breakfast and lunch supplies and anyone can pick up anything else you need, like pool towels. Then today I figure we’ll just do some rockhounding around the resort. This will give you a chance to acclimatize yourself to the desert.”

They went for breakfast at a nearby restaurant and then went to Walmart for supplies. Kevin and Cory did all the grocery shopping, while everyone else went off in search of beach towels and snack foods. Eventually, everyone met up just prior to entering the checkout lines to make sure no one forgot anything. James had also grabbed a mesh laundry bag, which prompted everyone to get one, realizing they would have to do laundry at some point.

Then they headed back to the resort and setup the RV, since they were just rockhounding within walking distance.

Back at the resort, it was already nearing 11:00 as everyone changed into their rockhounding gear. There were several well-worn paths that lead away from the resort, most of them heading towards the nearby Verde River. Just as everyone was leaving, Kevin said, “Use the buddy system. Everyone pick a partner and always be in sight of each other.”

James took Hiro as his partner, as everyone started trekking down one of the lesser worn paths towards some nearby hills. They were looking for areas where the rain runs down from the hills into the Verde River. Each rainstorm exposes new rocks and minerals to find, and now and then exposes dinosaur fossils and footprints.

After a few hours, they were a long way from the resort, with no proper paths to follow. Fortunately, they had encountered no poisonous snakes, scorpions, or spiders.

Hiro had found a fossil and was digging it out as James kept following the dried up channel that was once likely a feeder stream to the major river.

James found an area that looked oddly flat and devoid of even dirt. It was clean rock surrounded by desert shrubs. He cautiously approached, as that would be the perfect spot for snakes to sun themselves.

No snakes made their presence known, as he actually stepped into the small clearing that was only about 6 foot in diameter.

On top of the rock surface, he could almost feel a vibration coming through the ground. He got down onto his hands and knees and put his ear to the ground. There was a definite vibration coming from the stone. He had heard about energy vortexes and vibration-induced vortexes, but had never experienced one firsthand.

He heard the crack as the rock he was on gave way and he fell down into the darkness.

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