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Kevin Kindle

I've always had a domain name in my own name (as everybody should), but I just had my domain redirect to my Facebook page or some sort of portal page for anything I was involved with. Such as my IT company, etc.

It wasn't until 2020, after I had stepped away from IT and started writing stories that I decided I should have a website.

I'd been using Wordpress for years already, so that was the logical choice. I built the site with Divi and used WooCommerce to sell digital eBooks directly.

After being appointed the interim vice-president of the Diamond Valley Writers' Guild and then inheriting the webmaster position for their Wix site, I figured I should learn a bit more about Wix.

I was skeptical since I had used Wix way back when it was still in it's infancy (2008 or so) and it totally sucked!

I was pleasantly surprised to see it's improved greatly since then. It's actually a great platform now and all the features that require add-on apps in Wordpress are built right into the platform. I went through a ton of their online courses and tutorials. I was so impressed by what the platform can do now that I became a developer and it's now my primary development platform.


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