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Diamond Valley Writers' Guild

I found a new writers' guild kind of by accident today. This guy named Howard posted an ad for an upcoming meeting featuring Fauzia Burke talking about Author Websites to the facebook feed of the Writer's Guild of Alberta.

The guild is named the Diamond Valley Writers' Guild, and there's two towns just south of Calgary called Black Diamond and Turner Valley, to which everyone just refers to the name as Diamond Valley and they're actually they're going through the process right now to merge the municipalities into a single one called Diamond Valley.

Anyways, it was advertised as a free to attend meeting with no membership required, so I clicked the link and registered.

Needless to say, there is an area in Riverside County in southern California that is also called Diamond Valley. I attended the meeting via Zoom and was pleasantly surprised. It was a writers' guild that I felt welcomed and as though I fit, even though I wasn't even in the same country.

I had gotten more out of that meeting than I had with my $80/year membership to the Writers' Guild of Alberta and the membership was only $25 and it's a non-profit, so I joined up immediately after attending that first meeting!

Seriously, if you are a writer you need to check it out, it's the best $25 you can spend!

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