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Kevin Kindle

Welcome web traveller! You have found Kevin Kindle's home on the wild, wild, west (www). Out here on the range, you may discover science-fiction, fantasy and other fictional stories mixed among the rants and ravings of a lunatic... err, author

and web designer!

You have been warned!


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Here is the list of books that are currently available for purchase. They have also been serially published exclusively for yearly subscribers to this website, Patreon and Ream Stories.

Witches & Werewolves
The Cowboy and the Aliens
The King of Atlantis


Here is the list of active works in progress. They will be serially published exclusively for all subscribers on this website... and eventually Patreon and Ream Stories.

The Atlantean Federation
The Island That Wasn't
The Runes of Elsewhere
Little Elf on the Prairie


The Cowboy and the Aliens

This was a very good story until then end; then it became an Awesome story. I'd love to read more, soon. Please continue.

The King of Atlantis

Very enjoyable and interesting read. Well thought out science fiction.

Witches and Werewolves

An interesting take on the supernatural. The story turns what you thought you knew about witches and werewolves and turns it upside down. The werewolves are the heroes, the witches are bitches, and the alpha has a werecat as his sidekick. The story ends well and should leave a smile on your face.

review from StoriesOnLine

review from StoriesOnLine

review from BookApy



Kevin Kindle

I've always loved telling stories and have been a fan of science fiction and fantasy since my school age years. After a late career change (see Mark Phoenix in The Cowboy and the Aliens), I found myself in need of a new hobby. Instead of just telling stories, might as well write 'em down and publish 'em!

Most of my stories are serially published as I'm writing or editing them. It forces me to schedule writing time and because readers DO see my rough copies, it adds the pressure of having to produce quality and cohesion, long before they're edited and refined into the books. This has caused a few issues, plus sometimes life happens, but it makes the journey more difficult. There's no advancement without setback!

Growing up in rural central Alberta, the stories I write are based in and around the land I love. Also, most of my stories ARE intended for mature audiences... so read responsibly!

When I'm not writing, reading or working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughters as well as golfing and camping with my family.

Check the blog for more of my story.

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