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Kevin Kindle

BEWARE! You have found the personal website of Kevin Kindle.
Within this web, you may discover science fiction and fantasy books mixed with the rants and ravings of a lunatic... err, author.

You have been warned!


Kevin Kindle

I've always been an avid reader of the science fiction and fantasy genres, then when the Internet got popular, I gravitated toward free serial publishing, mainly because it didn't conform to commonly published material and anyone could do it. It opened my eyes to a LOT of different writing styles as I searched for gems hidden among the maelstrom of shit.

Most of my stories are serially published as I'm writing or editing them. I like deadlines! It forces me to schedule writing time and because readers DO see my rough copies, it adds the pressure of having to produce quality and cohesion, long before they're edited and refined into the books.

Growing up in rural central Alberta, most of the stories I write are based in and around the land I love. Most of my stories ARE intended for mature audiences, so read responsibly!

When I'm not writing, reading or working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughters as well as golfing and camping with my family.

Check the blog for more of my story.