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What's in a Name?

With this blog post I'm going to discuss domain names, since EVERYBODY that ever wants to promote themselves, should have one!

Your domain name should be one of the first and most important things every person should ever set up. They aren't that expensive and it will be the one thing that will always exist and give information about you and your work. Everyone should get a personal domain name, whether you're an author, artist, politician, business person, it never hurts to have a domain name in your name that can be repurposed for whatever functionality you need at that time.

Why? Social media platforms come and go, your domain name is permanent. It's also a lot easier to get your own name BEFORE you gain followers. Once you start gaining followers, people will register your name and then more or less hold your domain hostage or use it for nefarious purposes to discredit you.

No you don't need a fancy website to have a domain name either, domains can be forwarded.

What if I don't want to build a website, yet?

I've setup several authors and small companies with domains just to redirect the domain to their Facebook page, or better yet to a Linktree page.

You can use Linktree for FREE, and can link to EVERY social media platform and website you use. If you don't have a website, this is the best option to forward your domain to, if you don't have a website.

If you do have a website, you should always use it as that becomes your centre stage for whatever you are doing that you are trying to promote.

Why? Not everyone uses Twitter/X, or Instagram, or Facebook, or SubStack, or ScribbleHub, or Medium, or who know what other social platforms you use. You can link them all to your Linktree and people can go to whatever platform you use that they also use.

What should I get for a domain name?

If you can, the absolute best option is to get one that reflects however you introduce yourself... with no dashes, or in the case of authors using a pen name, get one in your pen name with no dashes.

Why? Even if you don't have a business card handy (which you really should if you are trying to promote yourself in any way shape or form), people usually remember the names of people they interact with, especially if they are truly interested. If they only remember your name, they'll usually do a quick search of the name you gave when you introduced yourself.

If I always introduced myself as KJ Kindle, I should try to register the domain name of, and if you can't get a .com, you can try another top-level domain, such as .ca if you're Canadian, or .net, etc. Adding extraneous stuff to your domain name such as dashes or other words, just complicates things and shouldn't be used unless you have no other options.

I'm not saying you can't use dashes or other words in your domain name, I'm just saying you're making things more difficult for yourself when it comes to promoting.

That's just my two cents.

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