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Thinking of stirring up a shitstorm!

The other day I joined a discord channel and you have to create your own profile. Within minutes of joining, one of the moderators messaged me asking me what my pronouns are, because I hadn’t answered that question for my profile.

I felt like saying, “Looking down my pants, I’m a guy, so he/him.”, but I didn’t know the snowflake factor for that discord, so I simply replied, “he/him”. Turns out the snowflake factor is pretty high on that discord, so I doubt I’ll interact that much.

Then the other day, I witnessed an obviously female person go off on a poor food vendor when she ordered something. The food maker person brought up the order and the cashier person pointed to the customer and said, “It’s for her.”

Well the lady made it a point to say, “My pronouns are they/them.”

As if anyone would assume her pronouns from looking at an obviously female person that doesn’t have a huge they/them sign around their neck?!??

Anyways witnessing that spectacle and trying not to laugh, an idea for a future book popped into my head.

I immediately thought of calling it The Stupidity Virus, or The Snowflake Syndrome, but may well just go with some version of Infected or Pandemic… I’m open to ideas people!

The premise will be episodic and much like Mork and Mindy, except it will be Martians getting to know Earthlings a bit better because Earth is setting up a base on Mars, with plans for colonization.

The Martian researcher(s) will report back on various aspects of human life on Earth (I’ve got a lot of topics in mind… every one of them guaranteed to piss off some segment of the population!) 🙂

The Martians eventually come to the conclusion that Earth is infected with a virus that prevents rational thought and limits their intelligence. They don’t want it to spread to Mars, so they confront the humans. It begins with peaceful negotiations, but escalates from there because the humans we’ve elected to be our leaders are useless.

In the process, the Martians learn that there are some humans with intellect and common sense and they eventually work together to try and resolve the pandemic on Earth.

What do you all think?

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